Saturday, February 28, 2009

Caffeinated again

So... In Reading, with my mom and sister. Luckily we have a suite, as I am camped out on the fold-out couch thinking about sleep while my body just doesn't wanna. Had a lovely dinner tonight, with the exception of the "decaf" we ordered with dessert. It wasn't. Decaf, that is. My mom had chest pains while walking back to the car, and I am still awake, even though I was exhausted when we got back to the hotel. Um, yeah. Now I am frantically typing as I kick my feet and consider how long it will take me to doze off.

I think I'm going to read, and see if that helps. No, because I am enjoying the book that I am reading, and while I purchased a copy of the book that I am struggling to convince myself to read before it is waaay overdue at the library, that book is in my sister's car, and therefore I can't get it, which is sad because even though I like it and love the author it tends to make me somewhat sleepy.

Anyway, yes, I have been knitting, and finished the bag part of the Market Squares bag yesterday (was it just yesterday?) while somewhere, um, dinner maybe? No, in the car. Nearly done with the second of the second pair of Fetching, this pair slightly modified to make them bigger because I wanted them that way, tyvm. Hopefully the last bits will get done tomorrow. Or maybe tonight, as I am still awake, dammit!

Oh, and I haz a dinosaur!! We went to the Works at Wyomissing for lunch. As it is a Dave and Buster's kind-of thing, and there was a short wait for a table, we played skee ball while we waited. Which isn't important, even though it was fun. It is especially not important since they did not have fake mustaches for me to buy with the tickets that I earned. Of which there were a decent amount, since I apparently kick butt at skee ball. What is important, is the Dino Drop game, which was near the entrance to the very loud game area, and oh so tempting. Mommie said that we weren't allowed to play until we had eaten all of our lunch, so after we ate, Wendy and I wandered over, and I managed to snag this guy:


I named him Rutherford. And sorry for the poor quality. Studip cell phone cameras. anyway, ktb and Jesh met him this afternoon at the chocolate shop, and he provided much entertainment at dinner.

Anyway, I am going to attempt sleep again, as it is nearly midnight and I really should, especially since I need to drive Mommie and then me home tomorrow. Oh, and my body likes to wake me no later than 6:30am. Fun stuff...