Sunday, April 25, 2010

Things I do instead of sleeping

1. Ponder that since Jimmy Buffett and the Jonas Brothers make me want to die, if all music created by people with the initials JB is RONG. (Answer: No. James Brown and Jonatha Brooke are acceptable. There are probably more, but hey, it's 5:30 am.)

2. Get woken up by a gentle meow from our lovely kitty, go to the guest room so she doesn't wake Mike as well, and snuggle with a lobster.

3. Listen to Zuzu become Angry Kitty since she is on the wrong side of the door, and clearly she is starving to death, and shouldn't I do something about that NAO???

4. Open the door and watch as Angry Kitty becomes Purrmonster and tries to wake me up by sitting on me and purring. Oh, there is also some headbutting of the headboard, too.

5. Lecture Zuzu that she gets kibble at 5 am, and she can't possibly starve to death in 20 minutes.

6. Get up and feed her anyway.

7. Make stupid blog posts, and try to take a nap.