Sunday, March 30, 2008

Multiple post weekend

Couldn't wait to share the Muppet excitement of last night. (Well, I have been awake for several hours, so I waited that long, I guess, but still...)

Muppets History 101 was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Have discovered that I now need to own the first season of SNL (Skred and Lily Tomlin singing "I Got You Babe" plus some other other skits) and an Ed Sullivan DVD that is now apparently out of print. Somewhere, somehow, I'd love to get my hands on a copy of the British Muppet Show, as well as the promo reels that they made. So add all of those things to my wish list, as well as the pattern for Jim Henson's Kermit sweater. (And then the sweater. I may have to design one someday if I can't find an official one. Love the band of Kermit faces.)

Okay, so I have now been sidetracked for an hour, making Mike's breakfast (sleepyhead!), and searching for pictures of the Kermit sweater. Again, no luck. Anyway, stripey sweater with band of Kermit faces across the belly. If you see one, please grab it for me - I will pay handsomely for a sweater or pattern.

Anyway, am quite happy that I caught the show. If anyone out there has a chance to see any of the Jim Henson Legacy Foundation programs, definitely go.

Side note, finished the blanket this morning. 24" of yarn leftover. Longest cast off ever, as I was interrupted many times by Zuzu, who wanted to play. I think she was all worked up because we danced around the house a bit. That said, blanket is finally finished, folded, and can sit upstairs until Christmas. Worked on the cabled hat last night; it's looking good, I think. What next? Probably time to frog/restart the Fibonacci glove.

And Zuzu is telling me that I should do that now, because she wants to snuggle with me and a blanket.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Just wasting time...

Had a perfect Friday afternoon yesterday. Stopped at Cold Stone for ice cream on the way home - who knew that their birthday coupon wasn't a BOGOF, but truly a free concoction? - had ice cream for lunch, and then curled up with Zuzu to work on my sister's blanket. We listened to the Weakerthans, and snuggled. Zuzu loves alpaca. Nearly finished - just two rows and cast off to do. Anyway, it was a wonderful way to spend a chilly, gray afternoon - with kitty, blanket, and good music. And the sun came out just in time to drive to work.

Worked Friday night, as well as all day today. New experience - I kinda audited a professional development class on bullying and the media. Very interesting. I should explain, though, as I don't normally get paid to sit in a classroom. (Usually I get paid to sit in an office and knit.) As the class focused on media literacy, the instructor had many videos as well as a PowerPoint presentation to share. As aware as she is about the media, she is not tremendously technologically savvy. So I sat there and knitted, and assisted with any media transitions and computer issues. I think the instructor learned a few things in the past day and a half, too.

While I was disappointed to be away from the computer so much, I did get a bit of knitting accomplished. Made a pair of clogs in their entirety (well, they are not felted), and worked on the cabled hat. Ready to start the third cabled row. Not sure if I will make a fourth set of cables or not. Depends on how I feel, where I am, and what time it is when I get to row 25. Also helped a few people in the computer lab during lunchtime. That counts as an accomplishment, right? Even though I couldn't replace the exhaust fan in a printer? (We don't have the part on hand, not to mention that I don't know the first thing about how to replace it. Might have been able to figure it out, if I had to, but can't do it without the part.)

Oh, mild amusement, at least to me: Was enjoying last night's lecture/discussion, and the instructor mentions a fabulous book by Susan Douglas. I start looking for a pen so that I can scribble down the info, when she mentions the title: Where the Girls Are: Growing Up Female with the Mass Media. No need - I already own the book. Will have to bump it up on the reading list.

Killing time now between work and Muppets History 101. Won Cinematheque tickets (did I mention that already?) for this weekend, which is convenient because it is the weekend that I had planned to go. Muppets History 101 is at 7:00, and it made no sense to get home at 5:00 just to turn around and leave again at 6:00, especially when I'm about 20 minutes from University Circle already. Only issue is that Zuzu is home alone. Mike is on the SAAZ bus trip/pubcrawl to Michigan. I set up her feeder, so she should eat while we're gone. Dry food even, which means she's even more likely to eat. Silly kitty prefers kibble sometimes. Although maybe having kibble for lunch and dinner will make her appreciate the wet food for breakfast tomorrow. And she will be even more thrilled to see me when I finally get home.

Anyway, they are showing Muppets Musical Moments tomorrow, and I may go, just because I can. I think I have most of the clips (Muppet Shows, right?), but it's always fun to watch on the big screen. I love the Muppets. (Never would have guessed, right?)

Let's see, rundown of the last week: Monday was knitting. Fun. Tuesday was quiet, I think. Wednesday went to a lecture with Jessica. Worked on the cable hat, as blanket was too big and has metal (clicky) needles. Had dinner with Cathy on Thursday; was quite good to catch up. Gave her her clogs, she gave me a lovely plant. So that leaves Friday, which was a lovely afternoon, which is where we started. And I should probably catch up on Rav, and get moving - perhaps I can do some more knitting before the show.

Currently listening: Weakerthans and New Pornographers and Push (old band from Pittsburgh - they came to memory because I don't like coconuts)
Reading: Medical Apartheid by Harriet Washington
Watching: Veronica Mars and South Park, or whatever Mike has on TV. And tonight - MUPPETS!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Nostalgia, heartbreak, and the car stereo

Discovered tonight that my car stereo's highest number is 62. Was driving home from knitting group tonight, and heard a blast from the past song, "Good" by Better Than Ezra. Hence the discovery of the loudest level. I feel the need to explain (and be the stereotypical, self-obsessed windbag blogger). Please skip if you have no interest in historical stories of love, loss, and recovery.

Mike and I met in December 1995, when I was in college, and shortly after he had graduated. His friend's roommate introduced us over winter break in Athens, the year that I started doing the family's Christmas baking. Tom (another friend I met that same day) described it as, "...heaven. There were blankets everywhere, and cookies on every flat surface." Suffice to say that after a bit of time as buddies, Mike and I started dating. I thought it was casual, but I was still very happy. Friends even commented on how happy I was - right, Kel?

He was searching for jobs outside of Athens (that paid better than his notoriously cheap boss - may he rest in peace), and had applied for a position in Dayton. Well, he got that job, and moved in April 1996. We broke up, as he didn't want a long distance relationship. I was devastated. But I couldn't blame him for anything, as I totally understood - I would have been the same way, had I been the one leaving. At any rate, I was heartbroken.

Still, I respected his decision, and didn't call very often. Apparently I should have called more frequently, as Psychobitch (the ex - and another story entirely, perhaps for another day, although it's probably Mike's to tell) called and caught him on a lonely, depressed day, and they got back together. Um, I was annoyed when I learned of that. (Understatement.) I was
also annoyed when I'd learned that he'd been in Athens for a weekend and didn't contact me. I found out because he had left his keys at Tom's place, and wanted me to deliver them. Yeah. I thought about being mean and nasty, but ended up being nice and driving to Dayton for a few hours in exchange for dinner. (We won't talk about the dinner - he still feels guilty about that.)

Anyway, we were sporadically in contact for the next few years. I grew up a bit, travelled the US and Canada, realized that yes, I really wanted him to be happy, even if it was with Psychobitch. (It wasn't.) Finally, about the time that he moved to Pittsburgh (1999), he finally ended things with her because, well, she was psycho. (Not really, I guess she's supposedly a nice person, but she will always be Psychobitch to me.) And they just weren't really meant to be together, which is again another story, also not mine to share.

At any rate, during our hiatus, there were a few songs that really called to me, and reminded me of our relationship. "Good" was one of them. Because things really were good (whoa-uh-oh-uh-oh it was good) when we were together, and I missed that. ("Time Ago" by Black Lab became another song that made me cry.) Do I regret the hiatus? Definitely not - I travelled, had a lot of fun and life experiences that I wouldn't have had if I'd been part of a couple. But it was definitely good (good, good, good, good) to reconnect with him in the summer of 1999. And things have only gotten better. (But I still tell him that I only stay with him for the sake of Zuzu, just on general principles. We've also talked about getting divorced just to help the statistics, but we're probably too lazy. Besides, nothing would change aside from our insurance rates.)

steps away from the way-back nostalgia machine


For those of you who care about fiber and so on, I started on the last ball of the variegated yarn for the blanket. Less than 40 rows to go, and the blanket will be finished. Had a nice time at knitting group tonight; saw a few people who hadn't been for many months. Shared some leftover cake; there is less leftover now.

Anyway, Zuzu is telling me that it is bedtime. I should listen to the kitty, as she is looking out for my best interests.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

After a long day

Yesterday was my birthday. With the party to celebrate the fact that my birthday was on a Saturday and that I didn't have to work.

Knitting group came over, we went to Miss Chickpea's and bought yarn, came back and exchanged gifts and ate cake.

Nine cakes. Just a few more people. Yum. I still haven't sampled everything. To be honest, there is a cake that has not yet been cut.

Here's what the table looked like when we started. (To be honest, we had some of the peanut-buttery-goodness-frozen-dessert-cake before the trip to Miss Chickpea's.)

We have, clockwise from lower right:
  1. Plain cheesecake
  2. Chocolate cheesecake
  3. Peanut-buttery-frozen-goodness
  4. Mocha layered cheesecake (complete with chocolate covered espresso beans)
  5. Raspberry layer cake with raspberry frosting (pink)
  6. Cassata cake (white)
  7. Ugly Bundt cake - white with chocolate filling and glaze (ugly because the top stuck in the pan when removed)
  8. Three-layer chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting
  9. Four-layer yellow cake with chocolate sour cream frosting
We ordered pizza for dinner, and the boys ran to get it. (A change, as I am usually the carryout driver.) Patti brought salad with some tasty dressing she made, and we chowed.

Cakes went over mostly well, I think. Megan really liked the cassata cake's frosting, Jessica really liked the raspberry cake, Melita liked the cheesecake(s), and Nick really liked the peanut-buttery-goodness. Not sure what Patti took home, but she filled her tupperware. I still haven't sampled them all. Hope no one was freaked out my my very strong french press coffee.

Oh well. Zuzu was very well-behaved, although I think she did swat at a few people who were trying to pet her. It takes her a while to adjust to people. At some point during the evening she did sit on my lap, which was nice. She is now snuggling on her alpaca blanket.

snoozing kitty

Oh, I finished Chris's clogs. They were desperately crying out for red hearts on the toe, and now they have them.

chris clogs

Yes, I am rediscovering the joy of posting pictures. Hope you appreciate it.

About 60% done with my sister's blanket. Here, you can see how beautiful Zuzu looks on it.

i need attention

Because she needs the love.

Oh, and the gifts! Patti brought some tupperware in a cute bag (I told her to bring her own tupperware if she wanted to take leftovers home since I was running low). I get to regift the bag back to her, as she realized that it said "Baby" on the handle. Megan brought some chocolate and some very cute coasters that she'd made from a thrift shop sweater (great idea!), and Jen had somehow found the time in her crazy schedule to make a needle organizer! I am thrilled - the needle shoebox can be retired. :-) I will have to post pictures of that once I get everything organized. Carl brought me a six-pack of mead, too. Mine, not Mike's. Although he will probably drink most of it, as I can only drink mead in small, small doses.

The gift exchange was fun - much yarn and needles were exchanged, as well as a project bag and even cash.

Anyway, I should have more cake, and get back to the knitting. Enjoy some cheesecake!

the cheesecakes

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I am officially old.

This morning, two days before my 34th birthday, I threw my back out. And in a totally wimpy way.

I was baking a cake before work. (Shut up, that's perfectly normal behavior here. Move along.) Made a cassata cake, at least made its parts, and will assemble on Saturday. Started cleaning up, and suddenly my back hurt so much I couldn't move. Muscle spasms or something. Somehow maneuvered myself to the couch after taking some ibuprofen, and didn't move for several hours. (Zuzu helped with this.) Called in sick to work, and my boss recommended a hot shower, as hot as I could stand it. Once Mike woke up and convinced Zuzu to move, I managed to get upstairs and into the shower. (Thanks again to our friend Chris for having the necessary tool to allow us to adjust the scald-guard so that I could take a HOT shower rather than a lukewarm one.)

Why did my back give out? No clue. Maybe too much whisking. Learned that my stand mixer makes beautiful meringues. Never really understood "whisk until stiff peaks form" until today. Hopefully the cake will taste as good as it looks. Anyway, rather than whisk the yolks in the mixer, transfer them to another bowl, clean the mixer bowl and then whisk the whites, I just whisked the yolks by hand. Were they as light and fluffy as they would have been had I used the mixer? No, but we'll live. Cake batter was definitely airy!

Anyway, feeling quite a bit better now, but still sore. Will probably take another hot shower later today.

Have some cream cheese softening for a cheesecake; hope my back will let me bake more today. There are several more cakes on the schedule for Saturday. Oh, and cleaning. We won't talk about that yet, I don't think.

Aside from me getting old, nothing eventful really happened between now and my last post, so this will be a short one. It's probably time for more snuggling with the kitty.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And just like's winter again

I am sitting at home, watching it snow. Wimped out on the museum lecture, as I headed home after work because it was cold and rainy and I didn't feel like camping out somewhere for three hours, plus a friend was supposed to come with me, so we could carpool back up, and the closer I got to home, the worse the weather became. Rain turned to freezing rain to sleet to snow. And snow it stays. The ground is covered, the cars are covered (Mike is brewing, so cars are on the driveway), and the road is covered. I am cold and depressed.

Okay, life is slightly better now. We just had dinner. Breakfast for dinner, to be exact. I am warmer. Mike's watching the Pirates play the Yankees in Florida. (On TV, of course. Do I need to specify something so obvious?)

Anyway, life has been full of bad drivers lately. Last week, after stopping at North End for a drink with Mike after work on Saturday, I was approaching a traffic light. Watched a Lincoln coming from the road to the left stop at the green light, get passed by a pickup, finally decide to make a left turn, and then veer into the left lane, right into oncoming traffic. Luckily the SUV that would have been hit was more observant than the Lincoln driver, and stopped. I think Lincoln decided to turn around after that.

After that, I needed to make a left turn. I used my blinker, and waited for the oncoming traffic to clear. The SUV that was nearly hit by the Lincoln started into the intersection, then stopped. I waited, as the intersection was blocked. Next thing I know, the SUV is making a left turn behind me. No blinker - in which case we could have both made our left turns simultaneously, and with the other clearly in sight. Oh well. The whole episode was clearly a case of "WTF?!?!?!?!"

Trying to keep this week calm. Skipped knitting group this week (Monday) to stay in and watch a movie with Mike. Little did I know that my Thursday dinner would be cancelled, and we'd get snow today, so I'd wimp out on the lecture. I'm sorry to miss it, as the lecturing curator is always entertaining. Last night we went to a Monsters game. A few WTF moments there, too. Most notably the mascot, an eagle. They are the Lake Erie Monsters. Logo is a Nessie-ish aquatic lizard-like creature. The costumed mascot was an eagle. WTF? The hockey team has cheerleaders. WTF? Okay, I gave in and looked at their site. They claim that the eagle is a seagull that has seen the Monster. Best part of that whole bit are the Mullets, who imitate the Hanson brothers while working on the ice. It was 80s night, so the music made me laugh, even though I still find it difficult to tolerate AC/DC. Damn you WEBN!!! Stupid station even bled through the stereo when I was trying to listen to CDs. Yet another reason I no longer live in Cincinnati.

Over halfway done with the blanket. It's just far too easy, although now it's a bit on the bulky side. Brought it to knitting on Tuesday afternoon, and the kids and teachers asked me to work on it, because they didn't quite grasp the concept of HUGE needles and fluffy yarn. A row is about 1/2" of fabric, so it goes quite quickly. Haven't worked on much else other than hats. Finished Matt's hat, with the exception of weaving in the ends. It is in the car, so that won't happen tonight. Started another hat, probably for Brad, because he was the recipient of one of my first hats, and I want to prove that I have advanced since then. Plus he likes blue and wool. I am using the Hat Attack ribbing pattern (p2-k2-p1-k2) to start, and will probably throw in a few cable crosses, but not in the binary pattern.

Haven't frogged/restarted the Fibonacci glove, although I did pop it off the needles so it can be frogged. I've decided that I will make the smaller size, too. Used it as an example to show the HS knitters stockinette stitch. They've mainly been doing garter stitch, but I taught a few how to purl. Not sure that they will remember it when they get back from break, but you never know. Too many projects, too little time. And here I am posting rather than cooking and knitting.

Yes, I should be making cakes tonight. Or at least cassata filling. I should have tomorrow evening, though, as well as Friday afternoon/evening. I am such a procrastinator. Haven't even really invited anyone outside of the knitting group to the event. I want to make at least six cakes, but there will only be um, 14? 16? people there. So if you're lucky enough to be one of the few invited, bring your appetite! Maybe I should buy more milk.........

Oh, found out that the makeup weekend for the work I missed is the weekend that I'm supposed to go to Knitter's Fantasy. Don't know if I will have to work or if someone will cover for me.

Zuzu is being a pest tonight. Poor Mike is very annoyed, as she will not leave him alone. Especially when he is trying to do some brewing calculations.

Anyway, I should get this posted, so I can work on something productive. I Will.Not.Ravel for the rest of the evening. Yeah, right. We'll see how long that lasts. Probably not long, as I need to research recipes online, and whenever I'm online, I log on.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Losing it

So I have been losing things lately. DPNs (not just the missing 8s, which of course turned up as soon as I brought the replacements home, but individual needles, so I'll have sets of 4 rather than 5, stuff like that.), an Amazon certificate that I set aside for safekeeping, stuff like that. Maybe I am also losing my mind.

Have been too busy to knit very much lately. Even at work today, I've been too busy. (Imagine that, working at work!) It's about an hour before I leave, and I haven't touched all of the stuff I brought with me. Worked on a hat last night at a lecture. Very intense stuff. The speaker was great, but she kept me awake longer than I wanted. The Explorer lectures are usually about an hour, followed by 30 minutes of Q&A. She spoke for nearly 2 hours, answered a few questions, and it was off to the book signing. Looking forward to reading the book, but expect to cry quite a bit. It's awful what humans can do to other humans. I guess I did get home about the time I would if I'd worked, but I expected to be home earlier.

Made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast this morning. Yum. Zuzu wanted my milk. (Gotta have milk with pancakes, right?) She kept trying to get close to the glass. At one point, I leaned back and held the glass in an outstretched arm, thinking that she'd have to leave my lap to try to get to it. Oh no, little kitty climbed up my chest and across my arm to get to the milk. It was as if she realized that if I couldn't move my arm, she had a good chance of getting the milk. She was right. I let her have a pawful for her effort. She's not supposed to have dairy because of the calcium, but a drop or two of milk can't hurt too much, right? There wasn't much in the glass, and she was so intent on drinking some, I couldn't turn her away.

Very foggy on the way to work. Was very foggy on the way home yesterday, too. It was hard to see our house, even.

Accomplished very little last weekend, of course. Vegging is quite the thing to do when there's so much snow. Most of it has melted now, just in time for us to get more. Hopefully not much.

Went to the North Coast Knitting Guild's meeting on Monday with the SNB. Learned about some decorative cast-on techniques, and got my picot in a twist. Took a Fair Isle class on Wednesday. Learned the difference between Fair Isle and Intarsia, and also learned what I'd been doing wrong when doing Fair Isle. Whoops. Most of what I'd done got felted anyway. Or was included in socks for Mike, and he doesn't care. But I know better now.

Worked on my sister's blanket a bit, too. I am 3/8 done. Have done no knitting today, even though I had high hopes of knitting a lot. Again, it's terrible how I've had to work at work. There's been a lot of work going on during the week, too. I don't want to talk about a certain brand of server. And if you have a problem that is important enough to require me to drive over to you, don't leave. Please. Enough venting.

Thursday was Member's Night at the Museum. Always a good time, talking to the curators and running around the offices and whatnot.

Oh, and won tickets to the Bang and the Clatter's production of Essential Self-Defense on Sunday. Should be interesting, assuming I can convince myself to leave the house.

Looking forward to having a small birthday party for my knitting group next week. It should be just the core group, those who have been part of the group for most of its existence. Looking forward to making lots of cakes, too. Cheesecake, chocolate cake, butter cake, and a few other kinds. I haven't decided on all of the recipes yet. Yum. Will include some cake in a swap package, too. (Which reminds me, I'll need to pick up a few more things to include in that, as well.)

Oh well. I should pack up to go home now. Perhaps I will finish my Fibonacci gauge swatch tonight, now that I found my size 8 DPNs. Although I'll probably start them over, since I think I can make the smaller size rather than the larger ones. Really looking forward to making that sweater.

One more thing - Won't You Be My Neighbor Days are coming up. Be sure to wear your favorite sweater on March 20! I will need to sew the buttons on my cardigan and wear it.

Listening to the SXSW coverage on NPR's website. The weather was so bad last weekend that even the radio station cancelled shows, so I missed my Sunday morning rituals. And to think I'd wanted to go grocery shopping. Save that for tomorrow, I guess.

Finished "The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld" the other day. Very quick read.

Haven't had time to watch much of anything lately.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Unexpected time

Work was cancelled yesterday and today. Imagine that - we have had more than a foot of snow dropped on us since Friday morning. Luckily we didn't get the ice they'd originally predicted. Here's what it looked like earlier today. There is a car parked on the street in this picture. Can you see it?

We witnessed some kids try to go sledding behind our house this evening (why they ventured out at 6, when it was windier than it had been all day, as well as not long before dark, is beyond me). They lasted about 10 minutes in the knee-deep snow.

I have one vent about people driving in this weather. If you insist on driving a moving snowball, please turn on your lights so that you don't blend in with the rest of the snow on the road/in the air. Preferably, you would actually clear the snow from your car so that you can see and also be seen, but as you are too lazy to do that, please turn on your lights so your car appears as something other than white.

When I last checked in with everyone here, I was looking for my Size 8 DPNs. They were not in the baby hat bag, so I bought replacements. Haven't worked on the gloves yet - this Wednesday is a Fair Isle class, and as the gloves/sweater uses some Fair Isle techniques to weave in ends and whatnot, I decided to wait until after the class to work on them. Even though I really really really really want to start that sweater. Still have 3 pairs of clogs to do, and what did I do yesterday? I started a blanket.

I should explain. As my weekend work is rarely cancelled (never in 20 years or something like that), I was expecting to have to work. Being as I work until 10 pm on Friday, and start at 8 am on Saturday, I figured I'd pack an overnight bag, and crash on the couch in the office, rather than deal with the stress of driving back and forth in the snow/ice. I packed a blanket in the bag, but realized that I might still be cold, especially if they turn off the heat in the building overnight, so I brought yarn for a blanket. It's made from alpaca, and is a very loose knit (size 19 needles), so it knits up very quickly. Figured that I could get a good bit of that done while at work (not to mention when I was waiting for work to start - no need to go home during my afternoon break), and have that as a supplement in case I needed it Friday night. Luckily, work was cancelled, so I used the immortal words of Eric Cartman, "Screw you guys, I'm going home," and drove home.

At any rate, I have about a quarter of the blanket done, as I didn't work on it all that much yesterday. I read a book. "Cross Bones" by Kathy Reichs. Large print edition, which made the pages turn all that much faster. Finished it this morning, as I simply couldn't stay awake for the last two chapters last night. I am somewhat curious about the facts she used as a basis for the book, so I may be reading more nonfiction in the near future. As soon as I finish "Collapse" and "World Cafe."

Nearly finished Shawn's hat on Thursday. Was supposed to be a quiet evening at home, but wasn't. Started the hat on Wednesday, at the museum. Got the ribbing done during the T-Rex vs. Triceratops lecture. Always good to hear Michael Ryan. Always interesting to learn how well-read some kids are on the latest discoveries in the world of dinosaurs. Driving home that night, passed Cleveland Power, and misread their "Super Choice" lighted sign as "Super Chicken." I was tired.

Oh, Thursday Mike drove to the Grape and Granary to pick up some ingredients, as our friend Carl was supposed to come over and brew with him today. I went along for the ride, petted Homer the shop cat, and then we stopped by North End for a drink. Worked on Shawn's hat in the car and at the bar, and got to the decrease point, which is when I insisted that we leave. Still haven't finished it, but will do so soon. Maybe even tonight.

On Wednesday, during the day (at least I think it was Wednesday), was driving from one client to another, and saw lots of falling ice. We'd had an ice storm that morning, it warmed up during the day, and I watched snakes of ice fall from power/phone lines onto the side of the road, the road itself, and a few cars that were unlucky enough to be on the road when the ice fell. I was lucky, and enjoyed the visuals with none of the consequences.

Saw a Great Blue Heron the other day, so spring can't really be all that far off. Please, please, let spring be right around the corner.

Anyway, it's movie time. "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" right now; "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" this morning, and "The Maltese Falcon" this afternoon. Mike also watched "Outpost," but I ignored it, which was probably a good plan.

Have lately been listening to Matthew Sweet, "Kimi Ga Suki", and Vienna Teng, "Warm Strangers."

Just for kicks, here's another winter picture. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How life has been...

Please enjoy this video, as it is I've been feeling over the past few weeks, and will probably feel for most of March. Windmills of Your Mind - Muppet Show

Anyway..... Watching the Muppet Show tonight. It's a quiet evening at home, as I could have gone over to North End with Mike, but decided not to deal with the weather. It's not that bad, but ice is accumulating on cars and stuff. Ahhh, Veterinarian's Hospital....

Yesterday was a long day, as the server that is limping along while The Server That Makes Me Cry is waiting for its replacement crashed. Overheated, apparently. Luckily the data was safe, but it took until after 6 to get things backed up.

Just anti-slipped two pairs of slippers. Shipped a few out yesterday, with some goodies. Still have a few packets to send, as I didn't have everything packed up when I went to the post office yesterday, and I could only spare a few moments away from Server Hell. Will try to escape tomorrow, maybe.

Awww, I love Rowlf. And his cute little snoozing puppy. (Anyone who cares, I am watching Episode One of Season Two, with Don Knotts.) I wonder if they drugged the dog. Or sleep-deprived him for several days - poor puppy is really tired. Or well-behaved.

Nearly finished with yet another pair of clogs. Only 4 more to go! Hopefully I will get a decent bit done tonight. Worked with high school kids again today - my student picked up knitting very quickly. Within an hour, she had learned to knit and purl. She'll be knitting circles around me soon, probably.

Feeling a lot better now. Yesterday was a bit better than the weekend, but I still passed out on the couch around 8:30. I had wanted to have a beer, but was too tired (and apparently didn't need the assistance sleeping!). Perhaps tonight. Oh, made brownie cupcakes on Sunday. Good stuff. Remembered the flour this time. Had hoped to send some away today, but ended up sharing with the kids and other knitters.

What else? I really need to add some variety into my knitting. Let's see how many more clogs I can get done this week (it's only Tuesday, right, and I work this weekend), and then I'll start another new big project. I still need to find my size 8 DPNs for my glove/gauge swatch. I think that's the size I need, as 9 seems just a tad too big. Maybe tonight's plan should be to finish the clog-in-progress (just need to attach the second sole), and then organize, so I can find my needles and work on the gloves. Also want to start B.S. Johnson. Not sure what yarn I want to use, but I'll figure something out. Although I will probably start another hat tomorrow, as it's a lecture. Oh, crap - more babies are due. Which isn't a bad thing, but I need to get back on the baby hat kick. Oh! I bet my missing needles are in the baby hat bag. That's the size that I was using with the Cotton Fleece. And I still need to work on my socks. Maybe I'll do that instead of the gloves. I am far too indecisive. Suggestions, anyone?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Same as before

I still can't get enough sleep. Slept for 12 hours last night, and just took a 60-minute nap. Feel kinda bad about yesterday, as I had been trying to help Mike with his brewing, but I went upstairs to change clothes, and couldn't resist the siren call of the blankets. Might have a few drinks (tea, water, stuff like that) and go back to bed. Yes, this cold is still kicking my bum.

On the last episode of this here blog, I'd had a relatively energetic Monday, and shared baked goods with my knitting group. On Tuesday, the weather was bad, and I felt icky, so volunteering was canceled and I came home and went to bed. Wednesday, I met with another local knitter from Ravelry, and another girl skipped due to car trouble. Luckily we met just a few miles from home, so no big excursions were necessary. Had some very nice tea at Panera, too.

Thursday, I was invited to see the Peking Acrobats. Wow. Went home sore from just watching all the contortions and balancing and feats of strength. Oh, and I was really tired, too.

Somewhere in the midst of all of that, I did finish two pairs of clogs and start another. Hopefully I will get some felted this weekend, as it's a rare weekend off, and start something else. I had high hopes of getting a start on a sweater yesterday, but that short burst of energy left me with a yawn. I do want to bake a few things, and get some packages ready to go - I have several things to mail, and want to free up the space in my house.

Oh well. Zuzu just had her lunch. I should make more tea and try to get some things done while I'm awake. We'll see how long that lasts.

Still reading Collapse, but am nearly done. Being sick certainly adds to my reading time. A bit more than halfway done with World Cafe. Hope to pick up Wicked again soon.
Still listening to the same batch of stuff, really, nothing all that new.
Watched Lost yesterday, and watched some older South Park episodes this morning.