Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just because you sat down next to me doesn't make me want to talk to you

This week has been hell. Yes, it is only Tuesday. That does not make it any more pleasant, especially since I missed knitting yesterday. Zuzu's tail on my foot kinda does, but just because I love my kitteh. Anyway, met Mike at the local bar tonight, because I really needed a beer. (I had two. Woo. Gulden Draak and Weihenstephan. Wow, I actually spelled that right. Gold star for my forehead, right next to the "L" tattoo!)

Anyway, I am happy that our local watering hole has wifi. I was able to send a few work-related emails after escaping, as well as browse Ravelry, while enjoying some sweet beer to ease the pain. Shared some chocolate chip cookies, and was mostly antisocial, although I laughed at a Pat Benatar beer joke (Helles is for children). Until some guy walks in with a buddy, sits down next to me, and starts talking to me. "What's the bartender's name? Who was the other bartender? Is he still here? What happened to him?" Dear Mr. Man: Please note that I am staring at my computer, and not looking at you. I do not want to talk to you. No offense, I just do not want to deal with people.

So I left, and went home to hang out with Zuzu. I love my kitteh, and would rather spend time with her than with most people.

I also wanted to gripe about all the construction around our house. Some days it feels like you can't get there from here. We need to go south before we can go north, and east before we can go west. Here is a map to illustrate, although I feel like I am missing more construction. Blue arrows show the route when the roads were open. Green arrows show the detours. Map not to scale.

You can't get there from here

One last gripe: Went through the Toxic Hell drive through at 4:45 today to grab some lunch. They forgot to put cheese on my cheesy rice and bean burrito. They also did not give me napkins. If that lunch had cost more than $2, I would be really peeved.

Oh well. I should stop complaining and do something productive. Just wanted to vent for a while. Hope no one is offended. And yes, I shared cookies with the guy that I didn't want to talk to, as well as the other people that I ignored for most of the evening. But I brought the rest home, because I need chocolate too, dammit. And Zuzu needs love. Time to snuggle until all is right with the world again.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

What have I done in two weeks?

Not much, though there was definitely a flurry of activity. Meant to post last weekend, but it didn't happen. Had two meeups with my knitting group - three if you count the rained-out Aeros game, got a chest cold, had several miserable days at work, went cupcake and yarn shopping with Mary, and spent time with Mike for a change.

Yes, last week I spent most evenings with Mike. Which was good, but unusual. Monday was knitting, and he did not tag along. Tuesday was SAAZ, and apparently I flustered the Winking Lizard beer guy by sharing an idea. Wednesday evening we had dinner with Jen and Nick, and Thursday we wandered over to North End for some Gulden Draak. Good stuff. Friday was the ill-fated Aeros game, and sadly we were unable to use the infield tarp as a slip and slide.

Since I spent so much time with Mike during the week, I decided to leave him on Saturday. He brewed a kolsch, and his brother came over, so he was not sitting around the house moping. I also left a few chocolate chip cookies for him. (Yes, I baked cookies before leaving at 8am. 8 dozen, I think.)

I drove to Columbus for Knitters Connection. I didn't sign up for any classes, although next year it may be worth spending a few days in Columbus and learning some new things. I didn't plan far enough in advance to do that this year, so it was market only for me. Bought some yarn, as expected, and will share pictures later. Picked up some more natural alpaca, this time in a gorgeous brown tweed, as well as enough Briar Rose Sonoma (in green) for a cabled sweater. Also grabbed a few balls of Harmony, because I am currently obsessed with laceweight, even though I haven't really knit any lace yet, with the exception of some lace sock patterns.

Oh, I should also share news of another event at the Convention Center - the Midwest Haunters Convention. As I parked at the wrong end of the building, and had to walk 1/2 mile to get to the yarn market, I passed a large number of ballrooms and exhibition rooms. As I got closer to the knitters, I started noticing people with painted faces and unusual attire. Saw one woman who had forgotten her bottoms. Knee-high boots, black nylons, and no skirt or pants. Just black underwear. She was walking the same direction that I was, and it was very entertaining to watch the reactions of people as they saw her. Guys leered, and women raised eyebrows and made faces. Personally, I was more amused by the really tall guy dressed up as some sort of thing that once appeared on Supernatural.

Anyway, checked out the market, and called Maranie to get together for lunch. Well, she had injured her foot, so our visit included a trip to urgent care before a late lunch at Aladdin's. As Vicodin tends to encourage sleeping, she crashed soon after arriving home, and I was on my way. It was a gorgeous day for driving, and the radio was doing relatively well at keeping me happy. Along the way, noticed a sign indicating the distance to Mansfield, and wondered how my college friend Jen was doing. Checked my cell phone just in case I'd stored her number at one point, and luckily I had. Gave her a call, and was very fortunate to find her home and unoccupied. So I made the detour to Mansfield, and we caught up on the past almost-five years. (Somehow we hadn't seen each other since our pre-wedding reception. We won't wait so long again.) Played with her puppies and had good Mexican food. It was a wonderful evening. Made it home just before midnight.

I have been listening to a lot of music lately. Found the House of Hair on some station, and listened for the hour between Mansfield and home. Oh, the nostalgia. Dee Snider did a good job of reminding me of the fun bits of high school. I love therapeutic driving (and even with gas prices as they are, it's still cheaper than therapy), and was so happy to be on the road, even for fewer than six hours on Saturday. Yes, I am a sucker for road trips. Especially on my own, when I can sing along (badly, of course) to whatever I feel like hearing. Also listened to the Cure a bit recently (in the immortal words of Kyle Broflovski: "Disintegration is the best album ever!"), as well as the rest of the stuff that I normally enjoy.

Had a bit of a personal epiphany the other day: For someone who hates people, I am awfully social. (Does that make me an oxymoron? Or just a moron?) I hate crowds, and even large groups, though I can tolerate them depending on the circumstance. I love my personal space, and hate space invaders, especially when they are sick and I am trying to stay healthy. But individuals? As long as I can find some redeeming qualities, you're fine. If you're some random unknown guy driving badly in a minivan, I probably hate you. And I don't hate minivans, just bad drivers that I don't know, and people in general.

Apparently Zuzu had an adventure on Saturday. Mike was brewing in the garage, and he saw Zuzu in front of the house. She'd pawed open the screen door, and gone exploring. Luckily Mike found her, because I'd hate to have our beloved kitty go missing. She is grounded for a week, which means that she won't get to spend time with me on the deck until next weekend. She might have been looking for the ducks that were in the back yard the other day, or the chipmunk that has been hanging out on our deck recently. Hopefully she wasn't tracking the garter snakes that live in the mulch.

As far as knitting, well, there's not much I can talk about. I am knitting several things that are surprises for people who might happen upon this blog, so no details yet. I am nearly done with the museum scarf, as well as the clogs of many colors. Still haven't felted the final Christmas clogs, but will felt them with the technicolor slippers. They just need the second sole attached to the second slipper, and then to be seamed and felted. Have been carrying Firebird around with me, but as it's not really social knitting, I haven't worked on it at all lately.

Anyway, I should head up to bed, as it will be a long day tomorrow. My morning client will probably take more of my time than normal, and my afternoon client will take more time than they have lately. And then it's off to Melt for knitting. Fun stuff! Will post pictures when they are uploaded.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Productivity update...and pictures!

Okay, as not to waste the rest of the day, this will be a very quick post. I am on track to finish the Christmas Clogs today - I am one clog away! If all goes well, they will get felted this afternoon. They can be felted together, even. If I am truly ambitious, I will start the Clogs of Many Colors as well.

Sadly, Geno did not help the Pens win last night. He's still cute, though:

Geno, the little penguin

I also made some stitch markers yesterday. I've been wanting to try, and had a jewelry tool kit, plus some beads, and wire, but no motivation. Well, some of these will be sent in swaps - shhh! don't tell! Although one set should be sent tomorrow, the other will wait until late June, probably. I tend to send close to the deadline. Actually, the package to be sent tomorrow is a bit past the deadline, but I made sure the swap organizer is aware of it. Anyway, here are some pictures, to prove that it happened.

stitch markers 1
Yes, I too can make stitch markers!

stitch markers 2
Second attempt

stitch markers 3
Third set; I think I like these best.

And finally, I took an updated picture of the Museum scarf/sweater gauge swatch. It is no longer exclusively worked on at museums, and has become car knitting. I need more car knitting. Oh well - once I finish a few things, I will find some more portable knitting.

museum scarf as blanket
Zuzu loves her morning sunshine!

Anyway, I am really not going to play on the computer all day. There is a clog to finish, and then felting to be done!