Saturday, March 3, 2012

Laundry Interlude

Taking a break from laundry. It is March 3, and that means spring cleaning, right? Time to wash all of the linens! Also, someone remind me to clean behind the big chair more often than once every few years, please.

Apparently no one wants a chocolate covered twinkie. Maybe I will send it to Tallahassee to be saved for the zombie apocalypse.

What have I been up to since the last post? Let's see...

Took an intro stained glass class. I want to learn more!
stained glass

Finished the Linaria bipartita socks.

linaria complete

Finished the third cowl in the Great Cowl KAL.

Default title upload by motoblur

And the fourth!

Persistent cowl

Waiting for the fifth. Also had a bit of an incident with the third, in that when it came out of the water after its bath part of the edging came undone. Need sunlight to fix it, and haven't had sunshine on a day that I have had the time to fix it. I'm confident that I can do the repair, but I just need lots of light for it.

Finished a pair of fingerless mitts, and got a good start on the matching cowl. Need to take a picture of the cowl-in-progress. I think I have 24 rows to go, maybe? Then to pay someone to sew on buttons...


Worked a bit more on the numma numma KAL, but am still way behind on clues. Too many other things to do, and this doesn't really have a deadline.

Numma numma clue 1

Picked up my Sugared Violets again, as I didn't read the pattern well enough and had rotated it out of meeting knitting. Turns out it could have stayed meeting knitting for another twenty or so rows. Oh well.

Sugar sweet

Latest meeting knitting has been the Trout Club scarf, Wavy Baktus. I'm about halfway done.

Fishy scarf

Well, I think the dryer has stopped, so it's time to deal with more laundry. Have fun!