Monday, February 25, 2008

Just can't get enough...

Sleep, that is. Went to bed relatively early last night, slept a bit extra this morning (and Zuzu wanted me to sleep even more), and took a nap this afternoon (and Zuzu wanted me to sleep longer then, too). Started the workday with a "server down" phone call, but thankfully the server was fine, it was just the internet that was down. Could not get warm this morning. Hot shower helped somewhat, but not all that much. Finally had a hot breakfast and coffee, which worked a bit.

Tried to get my windshield repaired today. Don't recall if I mentioned or not, but my car took a rock to the windshield last week. Looks like a mosquito - small nucleus with a few legs. Runners, the repair guy called them. He told me that he shouldn't repair it because there was no guarantee that it wouldn't expand, and also it was in my line of sight. Personally, I think it's a bit below my sight line, but who knows. He was kinda short. Maybe he just didn't want to work today, either.

Met with my knitting group tonight, and worked on more clogs. As usual. Brought cupcakes and individually sized brownies. Found a Hershey's Kiss silicone baking pan, and used the brownie recipe on the label. Turned out rather well, even if I did overfill the the cups. Very cute. Dark chocolate brownies and vanilla cupcakes. There wasn't much to take home.

Oh, remembered to bring my Pittsburgh yarn to the meeting tonight. I love my cashmere. We're planning a trip to Knitter's Fantasy in Youngstown in April, and apparently my house is the central location, so I get to make a cakewaffle breakfast again. Yum. Speaking of yum, I have some really good oranges. I like oranges. Yum.

Anyway, consider this a short post. It is 9pm, and I am tired.

Radio show plug: Shindignation, on from 7-9 am on Mondays, on WRUW. Those girls make me giggle.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Long day, and nostalgia

Worked all day today, then spent some time with the nieces. Picked up the sock blockers that my father-in-law made for me for Christmas. I will need to finish some socks so that I can try them.

Finished Foliage today. It became the hat that I could not put down. Elder niece loved it, and wants one. I have the better part of half a skein left; I could probably make a scaled down hat for her. Or just give her the one that's done. It doesn't seem all that big for her. Big, yes. Huge, no. The hat doesn't have a specified recipient, and it did look cute on her. We'll see. Maybe I will try to use the remnants on a niece hat. Only problem is that if you make something for one, you have to make one for the other.

Worked on more clogs a bit, too, but not all that much. Like I said, Foliage wanted lots of attention. Brought the Baudelaire socks, but didn't touch them aside from showing off the yarn to the nieces.

On the way home, listening to WRUW (College Pop, Starts with XTC), and was thinking about life back in Athens. Thinking about the era of my life that 10am was early in the morning. I remember one day, I believe it was a Sunday morning, when I had to work at the computer lab at 10am. This would have been winter 1995. Mike and Tom went to breakfast, I think at Bob Evans. I would have gone along, but had to work. They made my day, and brought me pancakes.

Oh well. I should get back to knitting. Must make lap space for the blinky kitty. Although she will probably stay with Mike. Maybe I will tempt her with a blanket.

Still reading the same stuff as yesterday, although you can add the current issue of Utne.
Watching: Lost
Listening: WRUW indie shows

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ahhh, breathe. Just an update...

It has been a long week. Had an awful morning on Tuesday. Any day that starts with a "server down" phone call is not good. I won't go into more detail about the rest of the morning, but will warn everyone to back up their data if they try to defrag a computer that hasn't been defragged for years.

Tuesday afternoon, I volunteered over at Success Tech. There's a group of us that are teaching some of the kids to knit/crochet/whatever. I was a bit discouraged at first, partially bad day, partially I am not the world's best knitting teacher, but it took a while for my student to catch on. But when she got it, it clicked, and she was off and running. Anyway, that is a Tuesday commitment for the rest of the school year. Should be fun.

I should have gone to the SAAZ meeting on Tuesday night, but wimped out. I needed some quiet time with Zuzu. I had a few beers and played on Ravelry. Mmmm chocolate stout and belgian trippel. Yum.

Wednesday wasn't much better of a day, especially since I forgot my purse at home, and didn't have money for lunch. Nice part was that I went home early, and watched movies with Mike. I had to run some errands, but combined that with a pizza run for dinner. I think I knitted something, too, but I don't really remember. Oh! I started the Fibonacci fingerless gloves. They are a gauge swatch for my Fairfax Fibonacci Sweater, and I need smaller needles. Must find my size 8 DPNs somewhere. I am very confused about needle sizes - I originally thought that my Foliage hat was on size 9 DPNs, then on size 8s, but really it was on size 7s. I have been working on that tonight at work. I have done 1.5 of 3 pattern repeats of the body. Row-wise, I am just above 50% done. Since the crown has fewer stitches, stitch-wise I am not nearly that close to being done.

I've finished a few more clogs, I think. Made some red and white ones that are really crying to have red hearts put on the foot, but as they're for a guy, I may restrain myself. I might not, though - I haven't decided. I don't know why I am in a Valentine's Day mood. Especially since my big VD excitement was buying cheap candy. I don't celebrate Hallmark holidays, but I needed chocolate.

Thursday was another long day, and we won't talk about the afternoon. The evening was great, though - I met several girls from my knitting group at Moko Coffee downtown, and we went to see Wicked. Had a lot of fun, and really enjoyed the show, especially when I talked to an usher during intermission and spent the second act somewhere other than my original seat. I could actually move my legs there! The seats at the State Theater are incredibly cramped. Legroom is very limited. I am not the world's tallest person, but my knees were pushed up against the seats in front of me. Since my knees aren't very happy when confined, I was experiencing intense pain by the end of the first act. The lights went down, and I stood up. Anyway, the show was great. I am not a huge fan of musical theater, but was very impressed with Wicked.

Driving home last night was miserable. Nothing like being on a snow-covered interstate and exhausted. I have no idea how people could see their lanes, what with the road being white and all, but there were lots of people going 50-60 mph in the snow. Oh well. I made it home a bit after midnight, and went straight to bed. Zuzu woke me at 4, as usual, and I curled up on the couch after feeding her breakfast. She crawled under the blankets on the papasan chair, and snoozed there until I was ready to leave.

Anyway, took a nap this afternoon, and am at work now. For another 30 minutes, as I type this. It's been a quiet evening, which is good. I like having downtime at work. Not sure if I'll finish Foliage tomorrow, or get back to clogs. I still have Nina's hat to finish, and the Baudelaire socks to work on. Somehow I doubt that they'll be done before the end of the month. Maybe I will just hibernate them and start something else............ I really need to try Magic Loop. Must make more socks.

Next week should be calmer, as I only have events on Monday and Wednesday (well, maybe Tuesday, depending), and I have the weekend off. Things will be picking up again in March - three lectures the first three weeks, and an event every night during the week of the 10th. I think I have five events at the museum in March.

As I haven't done this for a while, let's try now:
Reading: Collapse, by Jared Diamond; Best of the World Cafe by David Dye
Listening: Challengers Executive Edition, New Pornographers; Magnetic Fields
Watching: After Sex; In the Valley of Elah; Supernatural

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Double dinners

We've all been eating a lot lately. Maybe it's the cold weather - we want extra insulation (even though us humans of the household have more than enough already!). Even the slender one of the household is always hungry. In fact, on Sunday, she was *very* hungry. I fed her dinner around 6pm, and she wanted more. She wanted more so much that she started licking the old crusty bits off of her plate. Oh, and I should note that the old crusty bits were underneath a bowl. Yes, our sweet little kitty knocked a bowl off of a plate to get to the nasty, dried food that was underneath.

What could I do? I gave her a second dinner. Kitty had a half can of food on Sunday night.

Last night, our knitting group went to Johnny Mango's. Don't know if most people got lost, but there were supposed to be 12 of us, and only 6 showed up. Ohio City can be a bit confusing, and I got slightly lost as I was approaching from a different direction - I'd been working downtown, and usually get there from further east. I ate far too much. Yummy food, when we finally got it. The waitress that originally took care of us disappeared at some point early in the night. She welcomed the first four of us, brought our drinks, but then she never came back. Finally Patti garnered the attention of another server, and she did a great job for the rest of the evening.

I finished one clog while there, and started another. They're not the happiest of travel projects, as there's lots of counting involved, but I managed. I really need to finish the Clog Project. I should be knitting now, but I have a purring kitty on my lap and my knitting bag is on the other side of the room.

Pink hat is finished; may drop that off today, depending on timeframe. I think I have three people on the hat list - it's good that there are several lectures coming up! There are three in the first three weeks of March. That might translate into three hats - who knows.

Yeah, I'm getting tired again. Woke at 3 due to micturition urges, and luckily Zuzu curled up with me after I returned to bed. I had a hard time falling asleep again, though, and at 4 she was ready for breakfast. She's been on my lap for a good portion of the morning, and is now snuggled under a blanket on my lap. You know, I could really be productive if I actually did things in the morning. Oh well. It's now nearly time to get moving. Awwwwww. Kitty just peeked out from under the blanket, and we had some serious purring going on. I love my little girl.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Early morning at Zuzu's house

Everyone knows that Zuzu wakes me at 4am for her breakfast. Usually I can go back to sleep on the couch, and she snuggles with me after she eats. Today, Mike has a yeast starter on a stir plate in the kitchen, and it is making enough noise that I can't sleep downstairs. Went back to bed. Zuzu would have none of that. Meow, meow, meow, you shouldn't be up here says the kitty. Finally I gave in.

So it is 5:30 on a Sunday morning, and I am awake. Laptop balanced on one knee and a pillow, purring kitty on my lap. She loves blankets!

Joni Mitchell is on NPR. Found the program online, if anyone is interested.

Was thinking about our relationship yesterday. Called Mike, and our friend Chris answered. Mike was driving, and he is not a cell phone driver, so Chris took the call. They were off to Ogrefest. I'd forgotten their plans, and just gone to work. And no, I didn't need to talk to Mike. Chris did a good job of relaying the info. I'm not going to make Mike be a cell phone driver unless he wants to be... We're both independent people, and aren't threatened by the other doing their own things.

Anyway, I had a quiet evening at home yesterday. Watched "Muppets Take Manhattan", wound yarn and knitted. And went to bed at 9:30, because Zuzu wouldn't leave me alone downstairs. I have two pairs of clogs ready for felting - maybe today. Have a start on another pair. Knitted most of a hat on Friday - just need to do the crown now. I should start a list of people who want hats, as they are great museum/travel knitting. Plain stockinette is great for knitting in the dark. So... anyone want a hat? I will be using extra skeins leftover from clog making. Scary news? I ordered more yarn for clogs last night. I am running out.

I am going to start the fingerless gloves that serve as a gauge swatch for my next sweater. I do not want to wait anymore. Just need to sew the petals on Nina's daisy hat, do the crown of the pink hat (I can do those things this morning, probably before Mike wakes up), and focus on my Baudelaire socks. And clogs. But a glove should be do-able in an afternoon, so it won't distract too much. Really.

Oh! My camera came back on Friday! I can start taking pictures again! I haven't tried it yet, though, and can't move right now, due to a case of the cat. She's so snuggly!

Anyway, I should start knitting. I want to send out some packages on Tuesday, and hopefully one of those packages will be for Nina.....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Further explanation and productivity

Realized that I didn't explain the catnip pants in the title of my last post. Sunday night, when I was getting ready for bed, Zuzu was rolling around on a pair of my work pants that were on the floor. She was higher than she is around catnip (and we don't usually give her 'nip.). I do not know why she was so nutty, but she was showing off her kitteh belleh. (Sorry, too many lolcats have passed across the screen recently.)

Stayed home from work today. Fighting a bit of a cold, needed some sleep (slept from 4-7, then 8-10, and will go to bed early), and couldn't deal with going out in the Weather. I have had enough ice and snow this winter. I could be on my way to a museum lecture, but am wimping out of that, too, even though I should drop off more food.

Did have a slightly productive day: I made my Pratchagan square, made some chocolate-chip cookie pie for the museum luncheon tomorrow (quiche is already there; I can show up at noon and bring the dessert), and have some laundry going on right now. Wet sweaters are heavy. What else have I done? Um, not much other than sleep and Ravel.

One of the things I like about knitting is that I can look at most of my sweaters and say that I could make them. Have I? No, but I could. Especially now that I know how to do cables.

Got my Hat of Doom today. It's a lovely shade of teal, and fits perfectly. I never realized that Lamb's Pride has mohair in it. I will have to use it more often. So I am dead - time to knit with the Zombies. Although I really should concentrate on my socks. Oh, and Mike's hat. I could probably finish his hat tonight, if I tried. I still really want to start another sweater. It's probably the Weather that we have been having.

Anyway, if I really want to start a sweater, I should work on some of the other things I have going on. I need to finish Nina's hat - all that needs done is to sew on the petals, finish some clogs and some socks. Oh, I could work on my Foliage hat, but it will probably stay on the needles for a while longer, especially if I knit a sweater.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Afterglow, exhaustion, and catnip pants

Went to Pittsburgh yesterday for the 4th Annual Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival. Such fun! Five of us crowded into Jen's Civic Hatchback for the drive to the South Hills. What fun! What yarn! What a long weekend! Worked all day on Friday, 8:30 am - 10:00 pm. Woke up at 4:00 on Saturday, then worked from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm (well, knitted my murder weapon while working on Saturday), then off to the beer festival until 10:30 pm, and up at 4:00 am on Sunday. I love my schedule. If only I could schedule more time for sleep.

Mike, I don't think you read this, but if you do, you can stop reading now. Not that you will care, but still. You don't need to know. You can find out in bits and pieces.

Details of the day:

Sunday morning, Zuzu woke me at 4:00 am, as usual. I gave her breakfast, and went about my morning routine, even though I was exhausted, since I didn't get home until 11:00 pm Saturday night. (Winter Warmer was fun, as usual.)

The day began relatively well, with the making of cakewaffles. For those of you who are not yet aware of the glories of cakewaffles, they are nearly-instant cakes, cooked in a waffle iron. Yum! Cakewaffle sandwiches (two cakewaffles with frosting in the middle) are much tidier than cake, especially when one is without plates and utensils. Made coffee and cakewaffles for the group, and had extras to bring along.

Rebecca was first to arrive, soon followed by Jen. Vicky and Melita arrived shortly thereafter. Vicky brought me some of her niece's handspun yarn, which is a gorgeous shade of brown, and oh-so-soft. And intriguing to Zuzu. We enjoyed breakfast, and were on our way.

Although the weather looked nasty, the roads were fine, once we were out of our neighborhood. The drive was uneventful, once we found our directions.

First thing after we got to the festival, we met a HUGE Angora bunny. Such a nice lazy lump, just laying still, enjoying all the petting. Very soft. And $150, for a small one. Which isn't really all that bad, but none of us took one home. I wonder how Zuzu would like having a rabbit in her house. Especially since the rabbit would grow to be larger and furrier than she is.

I had my eye on some of that booth's hand-dyed yarn, but finally passed. We wandered around a while before purchasing anything. So many choices! If there were fewer choices, I may have purchased more, especially from a vendor towards the back. They had a *huge* space, and tons of yarn. I eventually purchased one skein of sock yarn there, a blue-green-black variegated superwash wool blend with silk and viscose. Thought about getting more yarn for a sweater, but couldn't decide on what kind or what color - too many choices.

Spent a good deal of time debating some olive green cashmere laceweight. I kept going back to pet it. I finally did take it home with me. When I was making that purchase, I noticed another skein of green and white alpaca blend laceweight that became an impulse buy. Please note that I have never worked in laceweight, never really even considered it all that much, as I am not a girly-girl and don't really understand the need for shawls. I mean, they're pretty, but they're not really me. If I want to be warm, I will wear something practical, even if it isn't pretty. Well, the idea of pretty won me over yesterday, so I now have two skeins of laceweight. Now I just need to figure out what to make. Or maybe I will just snuggle with the yarn.

Walked past a vendor selling handspun. Nice fibers, but one skein in particular caught my eye. Thought about purchasing it, but after talking to the vendor, walked away with some natural fiber and a dye kit. I am going to try handpainting yarn. Should be interesting. I love me some autumn colors, so we'll see how it turns out.

Finally, a cabled cardigan caught my eye. Lovely green yarn, a hemp blend. The yarn was reasonably priced, and the pattern was gorgeous, so I walked away with a sweater-to-be. Other highlights: Vicky bought yarn for a cabled blanket. Jen found some yarn made out of corn. Melita found a beautiful variegate - I almost bought some, too. On the way out, we checked our raffle tickets. Rebecca won $5 in Vendor Bucks. She chose the vendor that sold me my sweater, and selected some roving.

After we'd finished, we drove up to the Galleria (cha-cha-cha!) for lunch. Wandered through the mall, which had changed a lot since the last time I'd been there. Ended up eating at Panera, and stopped at Starbucks before the drive home. We were all exhausted. When we left Pittsburgh, the sun was shining. As soon as we got to Ohio, the snow started. Luckily the roads were clear.

We were home around 5:00. And very tired. I was quite happy that my house was the central location, so I didn't have to drive anywhere else. Tried to take a nap, but that didn't work, so I made dinner, stared blankly at the TV for a while, and went to bed. On the trip, I finished Kel's clogs, so they are ready for felting.

Today was an adventure, as well. They are calling for nasty weather tomorrow. I am spending the night away from home, so I can be an emergency babysitter if my nieces' school is closed. I should really go to bed. I don't know why I am still awake. Baked quiches tonight for a luncheon at the museum. Jen and Nick came over to watch some show with Mike. And have dinner. We had salad and quiche. It was yummy. I should go to bed. Yes, I should go to bed.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I killed someone yesterday

At least I started to. Call it Attempted Murder by Hat. I had a relatively quiet day (relative to normal workdays, actually on the busy side for my weekend job, but still lots of knitting time), which was good, as the Hat Attack pattern was released. I spent most of the day making a binary cabled hat for my target. I dropped it in the mail after work. My assassin can still get me, but my target is dead. Will she send me an unfinished hat to send to her target? I don't know. I killed her; that is all I can do at this point. We'll see how long it takes for my assassin to kill me.

I love my Zuzu. This morning, at 4:00, she was making all kinds of noise in the bedroom. Not meowing noises, but cardboardy rubbing noises, and I don't know what else. Really. I don't know what she does in the morning to make these sounds. Anyway, she is loud. Which wakes me. So I get up. To find her sitting innocently in the hallway, as if she'd been there all along, not making the racket. She is curled up on my lap right now. Love that kitty.

Yesterday must have been a violent day. I committed murder, and bit Mike. In my defense, he was poking his finger in my face. I never expected to actually bite it, let alone draw blood. I am too uncoordinated for that! Anyway, my lack of coordination caused me to get him when I wasn't really trying. He bled for a while. I feel so guilty. Is it wrong that I feel guiltier about biting him than I do about killing my target? She seems like a nice enough person, even if she does live in Texas. I am now serving my punishment for biting him, I think. I broke a nail, and my finger is bleeding. Ouch!

What else? Nearly done with Kel's clogs, but put them aside for Hat Attack. We're off (a fraction of my knitting group) to Pittsburgh today for the 4th Annual Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival. Oh! I need to run to the ATM! Forgot to do that yesterday. I wonder how much cash I will need...... Anyway, they're showing up here within the next two hours. I should probably go now, so I can be as ready as possible. Yeah, I need to go.

Friday, February 8, 2008

I had a dream that David Cassidy was my father

Zuzu was early this morning - 3-ish. I heard her, but rolled over, and went back to sleep. And we all know that that makes for the most bizarre dreams. I feel like sharing, so here we go...

I was trying to purchase a salad for lunch at some sort of cafeteria thing, whatever. They had mostly salads with chicken, and I wanted one with artichokes, no chicken. I dig through the stack of plastic cartons, and finally find a salad suitable for my lunch. At that point, I was very frustrated and cranky, as my blood sugar was very low, and I desperately needed to eat. (I blame Zuzu for food being on my mind. It's several hours later, and I still haven't eaten breakfast, with no ill effects.)

I take my salad to the checkout, at which point I realize that my purse is on a table a few steps away, and the cashier is being difficult about me stepping away to get it. I grab my purse anyway, and look for money. I can't find cash, and the cashier is being nasty, so I start crying. (At least it wasn't over a server this time, right?) I tell her that I really need to eat, and calls EMS. I don't want emergency attention, and "does she know who my father is?" Anyway, I grab a piece of plastic to pay for lunch, she gasps, and I end up bolting. I ran through this amazingly huge building, dodging people with cameras and others who want to meet me simply because I am the child of David Cassidy (I punched a woman who got too close, and ended up hugging someone who didn't know who of my dream father.). Now that I'm awake, I'd imagine that his kids get more of a nonchalant, "Oh, cool," reaction than Partridge-mania, but who knows.

Zuzu did succeed in waking me completely, using a new method that I hope she never uses again. Kitty drool. On my face. Yuck. Definitely woke me, though. She is now curled up on one knee, as I have the laptop on the other. Such a sweet purrmonster.

Obligatory knitting info? I got my target's name for HatAttack. She is in Texas. Oh well. I should force the kitty out of her nap and onto the floor, as I need to get ready for work. Long weekend ahead!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The things that make me laugh

One of the groups I read on Rav has a thread where group members are posting pictures of their real-life selves. So I went through some old photo albums to find some pics of me to share. I laughed my butt off. There's the college graduation zebra ensemble (I was so fashionable!), various party pictures, pics from my Big Road Trip, playground pictures, and so on. Scanned some this morning, and sent a few along to some of the involved parties. Posted a few on Rav. If you think you may be one of the involved parties, or you can make me trust you, I might send a few along your way. Just ask. It can't hurt to ask.

I miss my grandma. Still. Always will, I guess.

Nearly finished putting dreadlocks on a baby hat. Getting ready for Hat Attack. Must bring yarn to work on Saturday. I wonder if I will kill before I get killed. Murder by Hat.

The yarn is in for Mike's hat, so I can finally finish that. And pick up some sock yarn, because I am an addict. I wonder if they would bring me my yarn in the parking lot so that I am not tempted. We are off to Pittsburgh on Sunday for the Knit and Crochet festival. I should save my money so I can spend it there. That's once a year; the local yarn store is there every day.

I have an RMA number for The Server That Makes Me Cry. The tech that called today said that it seemed like it had missed a step during manufacture. My inner 8-year-old replied, "No Duh." My outer self replied, "Is that so?" while bashing head into the steering wheel. I guess I should be happy that they're acknowledging that a mistake was made.

I need to get a whistler for my teakettle. But tea is steeping right now, so that is good.

Thought I saw Crazy Buick Lady today, but it was a case of mistaken car.

Oh, wanted to share how suggestible I can be. Another Raveler mentioned "You Give Love a Bad Name" by JoBoJo&Co, and I immediately started meowing the song to Zuzu. I don't know if she liked it, but she meowed along.

I still do not understand basketball. Double Bubbles? Bubble gum? Huh. But hey, the Pens are on now, in HD. Woo!

Zuzu has very good hearing. I opened her treat bag, and she came running downstairs. Put more treats in her new toy, and she is now pushing it across the living room floor. Anyway, time to watch the Pens.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I feel like someone is shooting at my feet, yelling, "Dance! Dance!"

Whew. It is only 11:00 am, and I have already visited all of the buildings that I support at my morning job. 4 of them. Granted, one was a "keep you in the loop" kind of visit, and another one was just a 30-second errand, but still. Four places in three hours. Luckily my last 30 minutes seem like they will be calmer. (Assuming that I didn't just jinx myself there.)

The Server That Makes Me Cry has been put on queue for replacement, which is good as it's been awful since Day 1. It is currently less than a month old. And it truly did make me cry yesterday, with its random reboots during OS reinstall and whatnot. So today is a much better day, knowing that the manufacturer is going to replace the evil thing. Let's hope that they test the replacement.

What else? Got a bit of knitting done on Monday at SNB, as well as a bit yesterday during the failed installation. Um, not much else to report since Groundhog Day, I don't think. Just wanted to share with the world that I have been busy this morning. I should go through all of my posts and tag them and whatnot. Someday. Someday, when I am all caught up with everything else. Like that will ever happen.

Oh! Zuzu has a new toy. The container from her Pounce kitty treats. There was one treat left, so I set the whole container on the floor. She carried the container around, batted it a bit, and finally pawed the inside to get that last treat out. Now she has been sniffing the can and playing with it, in the hopes of getting all the crumbs out. It's fun to watch. If my camera was still alive and not on its way to Texas for repair, I would have taken pictures. I love my silly kitty.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Productive slug-itude

Somehow I ended up with the weekend off. Actually, I should have every fourth weekend off, but sometimes it doesn't feel like it. But I do have this weekend off, and I am being a slug.

I have spent most of the day on the couch. I did a bit of cleaning, but Zuzu decided that my time would be better spent if I was kitty furniture. But I have still been productive! I finished two baby hats, seamed three sets of clogs, and am felting them right now. Only seven pairs of clogs to go! Oh, wait, that isn't counting mine, and Mike wants replacements. Not that his are wearing out, but the anti-slip stuff is coming off, since he got two doses. The silicone is showing through. I could apply more latex, but it might wear off, too. Although I might try it again anyway, so I don't have to make him another pair.

Since last week, I have finished several things. The Vertical Stripes hat for Gavin, Marley hat for Janet's niece, Upside-down Daisy for Margaret, Lilly's Hat for Nina, and I just need to sew on the petals for Nina's Upside-down Daisy. All patterns from Itty Bitty Hats, except Lilly's Hat. Have started some Baudelaire socks, but haven't gotten very far. Hope to finish them before the end of Feb., for the Sockdown challenge. Ordered additional yarn for Mike's hat. Ordered two skeins, so I can finish his hat and then make another. Our friend Chris would appreciate a similar hat, so I'll make one for him as well. It's good museum knitting.

Hat Attack is coming up. I need to swatch. Will probably use some extra clog yarn, as it's the correct weight.

Saw The Dark Crystal on Wednesday. New print. Good movie. Saw the Henson environmental thing last Sunday. Realized that I don't know much about Fraggle Rock. We never had HBO when I was a kid, so I missed it. They're going to show Muppet History 101 again at the end of March. I will have to go, since it was sold out first time around.

New item for calendar - the New Pornographers are coming to Cleveland in April! Thanks to Ed for sharing the presale info.

Work: Two and a half weeks after the server arrived, the licensing issues are resolved, and the thing is ready to go. Migration will take place on Monday. Fun!

Well, can't think of much more to say. Camera is ready to go to Texas for repair; I just need to drop it off at UPS. I should get back to finishing things. I think the washer is just about done with Dad's clogs. Time to throw in another pair!

Reading: Collapse, Jared Diamond
Watching: Airplane
Listening to: New Pornographers; Chasing Infinity Radio for their live songs