Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Muzzles for people and a sweater quest update

Yes, I am fat. No, I'm not really happy about that, but the planet really likes me, so I deal. I've never been slender, although I have been fit. Sadly, to keep most of the fat away, I need to exercise about eight hours a day. I am not independently wealthy, nor a celebrity of any kind, and I like sleep, so I just don't have the time required for that. So sue me. Or better yet, give me a few million dollars so I don't have to work and can spend eight hours exercising every day.

Anyway, today I was showing someone my sweater in progress, and was told, "I don't mean to be rude, but shouldn't you be knitting a bigger size?" Ouch. That hurts. Really. You may not intend to be rude, but yes, actually, you are. Especially since my sweater piece is:
crackers) the back, which doesn't have extra bits to stretch around
argyle) not blocked
plastic cutlery) ribbed, which means especially stretchy

I am also knitting the largest size the pattern offers, and on a needle size that is larger than the pattern suggests. So yeah, your comment stung. My self-esteem is low enough, and really didn't need that hit.

Anyway, I now have a retort to use the next time someone says something like that. (And there will be a next time. There always is.) "Sounds like you need a larger muzzle."

* * * * * * *

So today sucked, although it was saved somewhat by a skein of a cashmere silk blend that was on sale, but the colors are not my colors so the yarn will probably end up in a swap or something. Or maybe it will make a gift. My mom would look good in those colors. Oh well. Yarn is good. Cashmere-silk yarn that is discounted 40% is even better.

And speaking of yarn, this past weekend was Rhinebeck! It was wonderful to see several of the friends who live in my computer, although many people were missed. I had a decent haul, including a skein of angora-wool "sock yarn" that I really don't think will become socks. Snagged some Bugga (thanks to Cyd and Golriz for standing in line!) and some STR, too.
Rhinebeck haul Rhinebeck haul

Someday I may take real pictures, but meh, whatever. Cell phone pics work for this, right?

In knitting news, I finished my Issara in the hotel lobby on Friday night, and wore it Saturday with stitch holders keeping it closed. It's a bit more snug than I'd like for a coat, but it is wool so it should grow. (And yes, my gauge was a bit small, but I had already gone up a needle size and didn't want to make a coat with a loose fabric. Maybe this will convince someone that I need money so I can stop working and lose weight...)

Issara body blocking

My May post included all of the sweaters up to that point. Sweater #2 is still in the same place (needs blocked, seamed and buttons), Sweater #3 is done aside from buttons and ear stuffing, and now has pins marking where the buttons should go, so that won't take much longer, Sweater #4 has one of the seams done and just needs the second seam, the collar and buttons, and Sweater #5 is still hanging out, stalled because of spit splicing. I still have hope for the year, though.

Sweater #6, Shalom, Y'all, is completely done, including buttons! I have been wearing it, but don't have a picture with buttons.

shalom, y'all!

Sweater #7, Wrenna, is also done, and I am wearing it right now. Sewed on the second clasp and learned that I need to pull up the sweater sleeves and pull down my shirt sleeves at Rhinebeck. Bought the yarn in Minneapolis. I love Mountain Colors!


Sweater #8 is the above-mentioned Issara, and I love it. May need to knit another one eventually.

Sweater #9 is the supposedly too-small one. Spoke. I did not read the pattern before I started, and the sweater is taking forever. If I had read the pattern I would have found something else to cast on, as k1p1 is boring as all get out and takes forever. The yarn is lovely, but is too delicate for pin-tensioned knitting, so my ribbing goes very slowly as my technique is terrible. Oh well. Eventually.

Sweater #10 is Lia, and would have been done by now if I had paid more attention to the sizing and not looked at the wrong numbers when I split for the arms. Need to rip back, but that shouldn't take too long. Bulky yarn and big needles FTW! My picture doesn't look like much other than a kitty bed, as Zuzu decided that it was time for me to stop knitting. If I hadn't screwed up I may have had another sweater to wear at Rhinebeck. Oh well. Next year.


Sweater #11 will be a test knit for someone (in blue, not green!), and i am not sure what sweater #12 will be yet. Probably something in bulky yarn, as I'll need something quick so I can finish everything else...

Also seamed a blanket for Mary somewhere in there, and knit a few squares for it, too.

Mary's blanket

Realized I never shared a picture of Gretchen's bag, so here it is, pre-felting:

zuzu and bag

Also knit two and a half baby bibs. Need to finish the third so I can get my needles back so I can make fingerless gloves for a friend's kid who needs some yarny love. She's a new big sister, and needs some attention of her own.

Monkey bib Bunny bib

Even if I fail at my sweater quest, I have used an awful lot of yarn this year. And what else is Christmas break for but knitting? Kinda looking forward to starting the 52-pair-plunge, but am tempted to make another sweater or six.

Anyway, Mike is home now, so I ought to go upstairs to sleep. Tomorrow will be a better day. I hope.

P.S. I forgot the gratuitous Zuzu picture. Here you go!

Zuzu and laptop