Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Time to breathe

It's been a week since my last post, and since then I have:
  • Finished and felted five pairs of clogs.
  • Traveled to Williamsport for my sister's husband's college graduation. (I drove to my parents' place; my dad did the rest of the driving. Pittsburgh-burb to Williamsport to State College back home.)
  • Knitted at the graduation ceremony, the brewpub across the street, and then at Zeno's in State College, not to mention in the car. Oh, and in the hotel lobby for five hours on Sunday morning. Thought about how George Michael was cute when he was pretending to be straight, although at the time I thought Andrew Ridgeley was cuter. Also thought about how women are portrayed as incredibly materialistic in Christmas songs. And how I'd never heard the song "Marshmallow World" until this year, when Raul Malo put out a Christmas album with it as the title track, and I've heard at least four different versions. And I haven't been going out of my way to listen to Christmas songs. I thought about lots of things in that hotel lobby. I woke up at 5am, and sat there until 10 when the rest of the family had stopped by and eaten breakfast. Lots of thinking can get done while knitting for five hours.
  • Finished the pin-tensioned sleeping hat. It is not as long as a traditional nightcap, and really just looks like a hat. It still works as a headwarmer.
  • Traveled in a triangle - Mike's parents' place to my parents' place back home. He drove, so I knitted some more.
  • Baked bread. Made the dough here, brought it to Mike's parents' place, where the two nieces "helped." They seemed to like making bread, and then eating it.
  • Worked today.
  • Helped Mike kick two kegs. Luckily they were almost empty.
  • Went to Wegmans, the greatest grocery store ever. Bought some Very Vanilla Decaf coffee. Yum! I love Wegmans!
  • Did other things I can't remember. Or am not talking about.
Well. It's after Christmas. (And I'm still just now ready for Halloween.) I didn't get *all* of the clogs done in time for the holiday, but I did decently well. 10 pairs. Made enough for Mike and his side of the family - two brothers and their wives, two of their kids, plus his mom and dad. And my sister's husband. My mom and sister will wait for theirs (Chica is passing through the area in January; they should be ready by then.), as will my dad, who decided that yes, he would probably like some. Then it's on to non-family clogs. Another 12 pairs or so. Oh, and I have baby hats to knit. At least three that I can think of now. Two girls, one unknown. The baby hats will add some variety.

My favorite gifts were a ball winder and a swift. (And a watch, but it isn't all that fascinating - it just makes my wrist feel not naked.) I have wound several balls of booty tonight. Mama Blue's yarn was the first, then several Yarn Pirate colorways. Had to stop because my winding muscles are weak. And my elbow hurts. I should probably take a day or two off from knitting. Today was at least one, I think. I caught up on Rav (well, somewhat) after having several days away from the computer.

Perhaps tomorrow I will go to Miss Chickpea's to buy yarn for the baby hats. And some Malabrigo for a sweater. I need to make more sweaters. I think I will make another sweater in January/February. I don't know that I will aim for getting it done in a month, but definitely two. I already have that yarn. (Fairfax Fibonacci Sweater - pattern isn't available anymore, and Googling it only turns up other blogs. My stripes will be green and orange and white-ish.) And I bought more at French Creek, and will probably pick up more, just because I can, and it's be-yoo-ti-full. Freedom Yarns, Spirit. I have a sweater-quantity of Nature, and a few Warmth. Will buy more Warmth, as my mom and my knitting group all agree that those are my colors. May do this jacket, or this one, or perhaps both. Suggestions? Thoughts? Comments are welcome.

Oh, and I need to get back on the sock kick. Must use some of my sock yarn. Was going to make my MIL socks for her Dec. 26 birthday, but never got around to it. Green Parade, I think. (Yarn has been discontinued, but the pattern shows another color.) Also owe a girlfriend some Falling Leaves socks. Need to find her foot measurements again. I know where the pattern is, and where the yarn is, just not the measurements. Also want to scale down the clog pattern for my nieces. At least they should go quickly.

What else? Kitty had a double dose of her meds today, as I put some in her breakfast and Mike put some in her lunch. So she is especially hungry right now. She is being a talky toaster, and staring at her plate, because that might make more food appear. Oh, now she wants chased. I'd better do what she wants. I am a good person to my kitty. At least I try.

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