Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sweater obsession

Finally started my Fairfax Fibonacci Sweater. (Another one.) I am obsessed. Started it on Thursday, and estimating 60,000 stitches, I am over 20% done. 21.65%, to be exact. (This is where my OCD exhibits itself. Thanks Ravelry and your progress bars.) I am nearly ready to split off the sleeves; just a few more rows to go. Should get there tonight. Here it is, off the needles. Self-portrait, so it's not the best shot, but you can see the colors and stripe pattern and whatnot. It's a top-down raglan, and I am in love.

self portrait sweater

Worked on the sweater Friday afternoon between work and the lecture (while sitting out on the deck with Zuzu), and could not put it down while at work on Saturday. Even brought it to the Brew Kettle to work on before and after dinner. I love the feel of the yarn (Andean Silk from Knitpicks). Would definitely use it again. So soft and slightly fuzzy, as well as beautifully colored.

Spent this afternoon (at the Beer Engine - yes, our visiting friend is a beer guy) working on yet another museum hat, as I finished one Friday morning and started another at the lecture. Very interesting lecture about songbirds and the patterns of their songs. Parking was insane - they were filming a Jamie Foxx movie, and there were several huge trucks parked in front of the museum. Plus the lecture was packed. Our friend Kevin came to visit for the weekend, so I got a late start. Had to visit a bit, you know.

cabled hat
finished cabled hat

Zuzu has been a lot of fun lately. She's been playing a lot, which is great to see. She's been tossing her woolly mousie around, and has thrown it onto chairs and the ottoman. We're really happy to see her play, because it seems like she's finally completely recovered from her health issues of 1-1.5 years ago. Yes, she's an older cat now (11), but she's back to being her kittenish self. She's also attacked my sweater bag (reusable Wegman's shopping bag), I think because she likes the texture.

pretty girl
Zuzu insisted on being in a hat photo

She also turned off the TV on Thursday. I was knitting and listening to music, and Zuzu climbed behind the TV to investigate something, and suddenly the room went silent. She'd stepped on the UPS and turned off the TV and media computer. And was so proud of herself. She certainly earned my attention!

Oh, remember The Server That Makes Me Cry? The replacement (that was due at the end of February) still hasn't arrived, and the client has decided that they are going to go with a more reputable company, thankfully. So hopefully soon all will be resolved.

I am going to shoot someone. There are people that ride dirt bikes behind our house, and the noise is driving me crazy. We are watching TV, and I still can hear the noise, with all windows and doors closed, and the TV volume about 50% louder than usual. I am calling city hall tomorrow to find out about noise ordinances. I can't stay inside all summer due to those idiots. Yes, I am a pacifist, and there are no guns in the house. So I doubt that the shooting will happen. And even though I usually don't wish harm on anyone, I really want one of them to fall on his head and break his neck so that they go away. If this continues, I'm going to make voodoo dolls.

Anyway, I should get back to my sweater! I wonder how quickly I can finish it...

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