Sunday, June 1, 2008

Productivity update...and pictures!

Okay, as not to waste the rest of the day, this will be a very quick post. I am on track to finish the Christmas Clogs today - I am one clog away! If all goes well, they will get felted this afternoon. They can be felted together, even. If I am truly ambitious, I will start the Clogs of Many Colors as well.

Sadly, Geno did not help the Pens win last night. He's still cute, though:

Geno, the little penguin

I also made some stitch markers yesterday. I've been wanting to try, and had a jewelry tool kit, plus some beads, and wire, but no motivation. Well, some of these will be sent in swaps - shhh! don't tell! Although one set should be sent tomorrow, the other will wait until late June, probably. I tend to send close to the deadline. Actually, the package to be sent tomorrow is a bit past the deadline, but I made sure the swap organizer is aware of it. Anyway, here are some pictures, to prove that it happened.

stitch markers 1
Yes, I too can make stitch markers!

stitch markers 2
Second attempt

stitch markers 3
Third set; I think I like these best.

And finally, I took an updated picture of the Museum scarf/sweater gauge swatch. It is no longer exclusively worked on at museums, and has become car knitting. I need more car knitting. Oh well - once I finish a few things, I will find some more portable knitting.

museum scarf as blanket
Zuzu loves her morning sunshine!

Anyway, I am really not going to play on the computer all day. There is a clog to finish, and then felting to be done!


mary said...

Very cute Geno! (Yeah sorry about the score though it was a bummer).

What did you use for the loop part of the stitch markers? I've been trying to figure it out and can't!

Anonymous said...

I made stitch markers that way too, but the beads could slide right off. :O/ I like your tiny cylindrical bead on the top. It likely keeps things from coming apart? Very pretty markers. samm

jeninmaine said...

Zuzu is just too stinkin cute, and I love that your penguin has a potbelly. :D xo