Friday, September 3, 2010

Kiddie Rollercoaster-Tastic Day

So. Today has been interesting. Up-down-up-down-up-down. Nothing big, just lots of little things making my mood swing all over the place.

  • Zuzu wanted me to wake up early, although she hasn't been eating well, so it wasn't that she wanted breakfast, just that she wanted me to be awake. (And cross your fingers that she starts to find her food tasty again.)
  • Made zucchini bread, because there was a giant zucchini left in the kitchenette at work, and I gave in and took it home. Two batches, one with cinnamon chips and the other with chocolate chips.
  • Discovered that I need more loaf pans. Three pans are not enough.
  • Saw a kingfisher outside, and ordered Neil deGrasse Tyson tickets. Whee!
  • Left for work, and spent an extra half hour in the car due to traffic caused by a chemical spill on 271. People are rude, and apparently raindrops cause them to forget how to drive.
  • Got to work, and distributed lots of zucchini bread.
  • There was cake at work! Cake! Pink cake! YUM!
  • When I sat down to work, I opened all of my tabs, did the daily media searches, and then the internet went out. My job is completely internet based. I waited for a bit, but then went home, because I can work here.
  • Sat in traffic on the way home, too, because even thought the accident was north, lots of people were driving south.
  • While in the car, listened to a groovy radio show that played some great songs.
  • Nearly ran out of gas, but got to the gas station in time. Yay!
  • The gas station guy liked my shirt (Down with Gravity!), and then started asking me questions like, "Where do you work?" and "Are they hiring?" when I really desperately wanted to go home and eat lunch.
  • Oh! I saw the garbage truck that advertises the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. It isn't affiliated with the Museum; apparently the driver just likes the Museum.
  • Got home, worked for a bit, ate my yogurt and string cheese, and then got distracted. Will spend more time working this weekend...
Anyway, that was today so far. I should have stopped for ice cream.

No other updates, as I have a lot to do this weekend... Have fun!

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knitty_kat said...

You. need. to. blog. more! :)

LOL - my anti spam word? ossimp - so close to perfect.