Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Muzzles for people and a sweater quest update

Yes, I am fat. No, I'm not really happy about that, but the planet really likes me, so I deal. I've never been slender, although I have been fit. Sadly, to keep most of the fat away, I need to exercise about eight hours a day. I am not independently wealthy, nor a celebrity of any kind, and I like sleep, so I just don't have the time required for that. So sue me. Or better yet, give me a few million dollars so I don't have to work and can spend eight hours exercising every day.

Anyway, today I was showing someone my sweater in progress, and was told, "I don't mean to be rude, but shouldn't you be knitting a bigger size?" Ouch. That hurts. Really. You may not intend to be rude, but yes, actually, you are. Especially since my sweater piece is:
crackers) the back, which doesn't have extra bits to stretch around
argyle) not blocked
plastic cutlery) ribbed, which means especially stretchy

I am also knitting the largest size the pattern offers, and on a needle size that is larger than the pattern suggests. So yeah, your comment stung. My self-esteem is low enough, and really didn't need that hit.

Anyway, I now have a retort to use the next time someone says something like that. (And there will be a next time. There always is.) "Sounds like you need a larger muzzle."

* * * * * * *

So today sucked, although it was saved somewhat by a skein of a cashmere silk blend that was on sale, but the colors are not my colors so the yarn will probably end up in a swap or something. Or maybe it will make a gift. My mom would look good in those colors. Oh well. Yarn is good. Cashmere-silk yarn that is discounted 40% is even better.

And speaking of yarn, this past weekend was Rhinebeck! It was wonderful to see several of the friends who live in my computer, although many people were missed. I had a decent haul, including a skein of angora-wool "sock yarn" that I really don't think will become socks. Snagged some Bugga (thanks to Cyd and Golriz for standing in line!) and some STR, too.
Rhinebeck haul Rhinebeck haul

Someday I may take real pictures, but meh, whatever. Cell phone pics work for this, right?

In knitting news, I finished my Issara in the hotel lobby on Friday night, and wore it Saturday with stitch holders keeping it closed. It's a bit more snug than I'd like for a coat, but it is wool so it should grow. (And yes, my gauge was a bit small, but I had already gone up a needle size and didn't want to make a coat with a loose fabric. Maybe this will convince someone that I need money so I can stop working and lose weight...)

Issara body blocking

My May post included all of the sweaters up to that point. Sweater #2 is still in the same place (needs blocked, seamed and buttons), Sweater #3 is done aside from buttons and ear stuffing, and now has pins marking where the buttons should go, so that won't take much longer, Sweater #4 has one of the seams done and just needs the second seam, the collar and buttons, and Sweater #5 is still hanging out, stalled because of spit splicing. I still have hope for the year, though.

Sweater #6, Shalom, Y'all, is completely done, including buttons! I have been wearing it, but don't have a picture with buttons.

shalom, y'all!

Sweater #7, Wrenna, is also done, and I am wearing it right now. Sewed on the second clasp and learned that I need to pull up the sweater sleeves and pull down my shirt sleeves at Rhinebeck. Bought the yarn in Minneapolis. I love Mountain Colors!


Sweater #8 is the above-mentioned Issara, and I love it. May need to knit another one eventually.

Sweater #9 is the supposedly too-small one. Spoke. I did not read the pattern before I started, and the sweater is taking forever. If I had read the pattern I would have found something else to cast on, as k1p1 is boring as all get out and takes forever. The yarn is lovely, but is too delicate for pin-tensioned knitting, so my ribbing goes very slowly as my technique is terrible. Oh well. Eventually.

Sweater #10 is Lia, and would have been done by now if I had paid more attention to the sizing and not looked at the wrong numbers when I split for the arms. Need to rip back, but that shouldn't take too long. Bulky yarn and big needles FTW! My picture doesn't look like much other than a kitty bed, as Zuzu decided that it was time for me to stop knitting. If I hadn't screwed up I may have had another sweater to wear at Rhinebeck. Oh well. Next year.


Sweater #11 will be a test knit for someone (in blue, not green!), and i am not sure what sweater #12 will be yet. Probably something in bulky yarn, as I'll need something quick so I can finish everything else...

Also seamed a blanket for Mary somewhere in there, and knit a few squares for it, too.

Mary's blanket

Realized I never shared a picture of Gretchen's bag, so here it is, pre-felting:

zuzu and bag

Also knit two and a half baby bibs. Need to finish the third so I can get my needles back so I can make fingerless gloves for a friend's kid who needs some yarny love. She's a new big sister, and needs some attention of her own.

Monkey bib Bunny bib

Even if I fail at my sweater quest, I have used an awful lot of yarn this year. And what else is Christmas break for but knitting? Kinda looking forward to starting the 52-pair-plunge, but am tempted to make another sweater or six.

Anyway, Mike is home now, so I ought to go upstairs to sleep. Tomorrow will be a better day. I hope.

P.S. I forgot the gratuitous Zuzu picture. Here you go!

Zuzu and laptop


Abby said...

Holy cow woman!! Shalom turned out great (So did everything else =])! I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT TO SEND YOU MARY'S BLANKET SQUARE... GAH!!! It's in a box somewhere. x.x

Anyway I love you and screw whoever said that to you.

<3 <3

knitty_kat said...

You could always look down and say Wow, you've got big feet. Is it hard to walk around with them in your mouth like that?

Bogey agrees! :)

atangledyarn said...

holy cow, How Many Sweaters are you knitting?? I'm super impressed!! I've managed to start 2, frog one of them, and kinda work on the other...great job on all of your FOs! And that blanket is so cute, and the bag as well:) now...this 52-pair plunge thing, what is that all about? socks??