Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sweater quest update and agenda

Figured I should post an update on the sweater quest, because there are only a few days left. I have high hopes that I can finish at least two, possibly five sweaters this week, perhaps even more if I stop sleeping. Although knitting while sleep-deprived does not necessarily equal good results.

Anyway, here's the list, color-coded and everything:
  1. Scoop Pullover: Completed, and in Tulsa, where it will get worn.
  2. Sonnet: To be blocked, seamed, and have buttons added today. I hope.
  3. Max: Completely done, and making people smile.
  4. Einstein: Completely done, and getting compliments, especially on the buttons.
  5. Vine Yoke: Still needs a sleeve and a front. On the agenda for Thursday.
  6. Shalom: Worn yesterday to knitting. I must have monkey arms or a very short row gauge, as the designer mentioned that the sleeves would be very long, and they are 3/4 length on me.
  7. Wrenna: Wore to the office holiday party. Definitely a gorgeous pattern and a quick knit, and I would consider making another.
  8. Issara: Needs closures; hope to add those today.
  9. Spoke: Finally finished the second front, and started the sleeves. Modified the sleeves because I was sick of 1x1 and to remove the giant bells. Giant, I say! Just need to finish the second sleeve, sew the shoulders, and do the edging. On the agenda for today between #2 and #8, and tomorrow.
  10. Lia: Needs sleeves and yoke. Hopefully tomorrow, assuming Zuzu will allow it, as she doesn't seem to appreciate this sweater except as a blanket.
  11. Gathered Pullover: Just needs sleeve caps knitted and sleeves sewn in. Went a bit overboard on the sleeve tubes (unless I really do have monkey arms), but it's time to start the increases.
  12. Owls: Needs sleeves and yoke. Planning on spending Friday on that.
So. We'll see how far I get. Which means I should really stop typing and pick up the needles. Wish me luck!

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knitty_kat said...

Holy shizzle you knit a lot of sweaters. Feel free to do some pant kicking so I can get my 1 done. LOL

Happy New Year!