Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another contest!

Happy Half-Price Chocolate Day to everyone!

Stopped by Malley's to celebrate, and picked up a box of chocolate covered twinkies along with the discounted chocolates. I think I will offer one chocolate covered twinkie as a prize in a contest. Leave a comment to tell me why you deserve a chocolate covered twinkie and maybe you will win! They look very interesting, but I won't be eating them due to the whole beef fat in the filling thing.

Let's see, what have I been knitting lately? Finished the Knitterati mystery shawl.


Started the Hazel/Hunter KAL, and am nearly done with the first sock. (Picture is outdated.)


Finished the second cowl in the Great Cowl KAL with more kool-aid dyed yarn.

Started the numma nuuma shawl KAL as well. Will work on it a bit more tonight.

Finally got the last part of the summer shawl KAL, so I can finish. I'm not sure about how the leaves are all dangly, though. I like the idea of leaves dangling somewhat, but I think I'd rather have them halfway dangling (as shown in the sketch) rather than dangling by the "stem." May need to swatch and experiment before finishing this one. No real deadline, though, so it can wait a bit.

In Zuzu news, she has recently discovered that she likes seaweed. She also had an encounter with Kitty Foe the other day.

Zuzu vs. Kitty foe

I made a no-sew fleece pillow, and Zuzu adopted it before it was finished. She started climbing on it when I was tying the fringe, and is sleeping on it right now.

Anyway, should get back to the needles. Must finish projects!

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