Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Festive Bunny Staplus to All!

There is a Ben and Jerry's in University Heights. I ordered an ice cream cake. Candy Bar Pie and Chocolate Therapy ice creams, brownie filling, chocolate frosting, caramel and reese's and chocolate chip cookies on top. Supposedly. We haven't tried it yet. But soon!

Someday I will update with knitting content. Just not today, as it is time for ice cream cake!


Suzy said...

Your cake is full of so much win my head is kersploding with it!

Gretchen a/k/a StampingRooster said...

You must have been emitting B&J vibes. I stopped and got a pint of Mint Chocolate Cookie on my way home last night. Haven't had that in over a decade!