Tuesday, May 5, 2020

I am a squirrel on speed.

Hi there! I keep meaning to document these Interesting Times on this page, but distractions (sourdough quilting cleaning sashiko books feline high-fives) abound. BRB, going to sew for a while. Whee, finally finished the stack of coasters that have been ready to assemble for months now.

Okay. Left you alone for a while while I baked my sourdough and knitted through a virtual happy hour. And then I don't even know. See above re: squirrel on speed. Spent some time today in the Forbidden Room, and found that Zoey missed me so much she curled up against the door to wait for me to come out. Poor lonely kitty. Anyway, the wire shelving I'd used for yarn years ago is now in the closet, and I have space for a glass cabinet that a friend is giving me.

Zoey was very happy that I hadn't been eaten by the Forbidden Room

And now it's several days (weeks? Weeks. Oops.) later, and I'm still scattered. The glass cabinet is in the no-longer-Forbidden Room and is nearly full of spinning fiber. I've made bagels, cookies, pita bread, and many round loaves with Cxaxukluth, my sourdough starter. More dough is rising, and I have starter set aside for peanut butter cookies. Oh, and I have blueberries for a blueberry pie. I've learned how to use the TV as a computer monitor (yay, wifi!), and really need to clean my glasses.

I've read a bit but not enough, and I definitely haven't been knitting or sewing or spinning enough. Found a crate of cross stitch projects that have been sitting around nearly-finished for something like a decade.

How is everyone dealing with everything being shut down? I miss the library, but am otherwise mostly doing fine. Lack of focus is a thing. Which means I should probably publish just because otherwise it will never happen. Also I need to knead some dough!

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