Thursday, July 16, 2020

It's July, and we're still mostly at home

Pandemic update! We are staying home most of the time, and that's fine with me. I will acknowledge that I spent a little bit of time knitting in my car in the library parking lot this week, but mostly I wanted to finish my row. Side note, I was thrilled when the library opened for drive-thru service. Apparently all I needed to get my reading mojo back was an infusion of new library books. 

I wanted to share that my primary issue with being married in the time of quarantine has been resolved: my husband now has his own coffee maker. The other day he said that he expected me to tell him that sharing my coffee really wasn't so bad. No. 

We still have to work on interruptions, as today I was spinning through a poetry class. 60 minutes, 55 of which I was being talked at, 5 in a breakout session when participation was required. He spent 57 minutes of the hour in the basement, but came upstairs and started talking to me during the small group bit. Thankfully I'd muted myself because spinning wheels are not silent, but his timing is still bad. Speaking of which, I need to grab a tiara because one of the eight things I am doing at this very moment is working. He'd asked for some sort of visible signal of when I was working, so I'm taking a cue from Mary Robinette Kowal. Also, she looks a lot like my sister in-law in that photo. 

What else? Since we don't leave the house, there's not much laundry other than underwear and pajamas, and we seem to run out around the same time. So that issue is mostly resolved. I can't say that we've given up on cleaning entirely, but we've found other distractions. Like spinning. Even though the Tour de France has been postponed, the Tour de Fleece is still happening, and I am spinning lots and lots of yarn. This is from the first week:

It's several hours after I started this, and I should probably get back to a book.  

Next day update: A laundry issue! Apparently he's brewing today and has particular underwear he likes to wear while brewing, and it's not clean. Shame on me. 

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mary said...

OK, I am laughing HYSTERICALLY (yet not surprised) that there is particular underwear preferred for brewing.