Thursday, December 3, 2009

Randomness and an OOK!

So... It's been a while. Lots has happened. October was insane. Went to a wedding reception, saw Neil Gaiman, helped with a benefit for the Museum Women's Committee, did the Tour de Stitch again with Mom, baked 20 dozen cupcakes to take to Rhinebeck, hosted our annual shindig, and had a hot date with a book on October 25 when things finally calmed down. Somehow was able to work in that mess, and knit just a teensy bit.

November was somewhat quieter, but still busy. Saw William Shakespeare's Land of the Dead - ZOMBIES!!! - on the 1st, went to the Jell-O museum on the 6th, took a toe-up sock class with Cookie A on the 7th, and the rest of the month just raced past.

Anyway, can't believe that it's December. The day before Thanksgiving, went to a meeting at what turned out to be a toy company, and they were having their annual Christmas sale. Well, I went back today, and everything that they had over $1 was half off. Including Ook!


I picked up two, which is good, because Mike actually really likes him. He'll be lurking in our library. His counterpart, however, is upstairs in the former office, hiding with half a dozen penguins. Anyway, I think I'll have a contest for the Upstairs Ook. Leave a comment to tell me why he should live with you, and the best story (or a random number) wins.

Anyway, time to make dinner and watch Extract. Have fun!


Heather said...

Posting for Melcentrica since Blogger is being mean to her: “Because we have a metric ass-ton of books so he’d feel right at home.”

Pixisis said...

There is an upstairs and a downstairs library chez Pixisis ... and I keep getting lost in L-space.

Also, Lord Pixel Purrbody had volunteered to Rincewind up the bananas so he'd never go hungry.

Lista said...

He needs to live with me because clearly, there aren't NEARLY enough furry critters living with me at the moment! :o)

Anonymous said...

I adore him and Terry P. But I don't need him living with me. I have too much clutter and junk and he would not be appreciated as much as he should. However, I did want to pop in and say how awesome he is.