Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winners! We have them!

I am such a slacker. And I hate leaving people disappointed. So, I went back to the toy sale, and picked up a few more orangutans. Lista gets an orang with velcro hands, so he can hang in her nursery, and Pixisis and Melcentrica both get Original Ooks. There may be a slightly smaller version for Carry if she likes, or perhaps for someone else who might want a Librarian of their very own. Comment away! (Although this time there might not be multiple winners, as I bought out their selection of orangutans. Also nearly bought out their selection of penguins. Emperor, King, Adelie, Magellanic, Rockhopper, Gentoo, and Humboldt. Perhaps another species that I can't remember. I really need to stay away from that place.)

Anyway, their packages are on the way, along with some other stuff that will be landing soon, and hopefully everything will be appreciated.


Really glad that stuff went to the PO yesterday, as it is snowing here and I am not yet convinced that I should leave the house. Yes, I have a project at work that needs my attention, but it has been waiting since August (not my fault! It showed up on my desk in December!) and can wait a bit longer.

Anyway, watch this space for more contests, hopefully in the near rather than distant future. Until then, i give you a gratuitous cute Zuzu picture. Enjoy!

Zuzu with her best friend

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Lista said...

Hooray and thank you!! Zuzu is looking particularly scritchable this morning!