Friday, November 11, 2011

Random blatherings and a contest

I procrastinate way too much. Let's not talk about my goals for the year. Let's just say that I got distracted.

Have mostly stopped using facebook, because it annoys me. Thinking of posting "status updates" here instead. So...

Yesterday, my faith in humanity was restored just a little bit. I had to be at the library when it opened, and there was a line to get in.

Then it was shot to hell again when I went to the grocery store without a reusable bag, so I bought a cheap one (and cute, too!), and the checker promptly put it into a plastic bag. ::*headdesk*::

Finally, for reasons that I won't get into here, I bought a unicorn lollipop mold. Someday, in the near future, I will have chocolate unicorn lollipops. Maybe even tonight, as I have more energy than I should. I think that I will have a contest, rules to be determined when I think about it, but comments will be required for entry, so leave a comment if you want a unicorn lollipop. Comments may or may not be judged on entertainment value, so entertain me!

Edit: There will also be a moustache lollipop awarded. So comment away!


Anonymous said...

Unicorn lollipops?! OH MY, WANT!!!!!!

and too funny about the cashier utting the re-useable bag in a plastic one, bwahahahaha!

ZaftigWendy said...

I'm in! I'd love either Unicorn or Mustache lollipops.

Want a laugh? Becca's bathing the cats later. That should be amusing!

amccoy said...

I would love lollipops! I hate when I'm diligent about bringing my bags and they use plastic - unless it's meat. Also, I have nothing entertaining to add.

Nicole Lorenz said...

My roommate's collection of stuffed unicorns has been shooting me dirty looks while I work in the sun room near them, so if I had a unicorn lollipop, I think I would would eat it in front of them. Teach those pointy horses who's boss.

But I might need a mustache lollipop to go into hiding after that.

whirlybird said...

Did you know that unicorns were once plentiful in North America? These noble horned creatures once roamed the plains in herds too numerous to count. The only trouble was that the white men who settled the West couldn't see the horns, seeing instead hairy beasts with huge humps. One day, a beautiful maiden went out west to look for her fortune and saw what the rough, smelly men could not see - graceful, lovely unicorns. Of course, all the men thought she was nuts and locked her up and forced her to make boring round lollipops as a mental therapy. One day, she made a unicorn lollipop mold and hid it under a farm house's loose boards. She cackled to her children and grandchildren about the unicorns and the unicorn lollipop mold, but no one believed her. Finally, a hundred years later, an intrepid explorer discovered the molds (covered in mold) and made them available for purchase in your local grocery store.

Jen White said...

Unicorn lollipops are a must; and I'll still be chuckling over the misguided cashier and the imagery of eating the heads off the lollipops in front of the stuffed ones.