Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

So. I think my goal has been met. 32 pairs of clogs saved me. In no particular order, here are the other pairs:
33. Thrummed bunny slippers
34. Hat and scarf for my MIL
35. Mittens for one niece
36. Mittens for the other niece
37. Socks for Mom's on-behalf-of kidney donor
38. Xanadu socks for Mom
39. Vanilla socks for me
40. Green socks for me
41. Weekend shawl and Traveling Woman
42. Blue and green cowls
43. Pair of black cowls
44. Pair of blue sparkly scarves
45. Two cable crush cowls
46. Two crofter's cowls
47. Two felted purses
48. Two fish hats
49. Hat and cowl set
50. Merope and Maia
51. Huxley cowl and Mickey cowl
52. Saroyan and Holden

Random FOs: A garter stitch scarf made with squeaky Big Lots yarn, a white elephant for a gift exchange, a beaded necklace.

Current UFOs: Summer shawl KAL (up to date with the parts that have been released), a Celaeno, Maia mitts, socks for my sister, strawberry mojito socks that just need heels.

There are a few old UFOs that I wanted to finish and did not, because I am lazy.

And now I am exhausted. Will attempt to blog more in 2012. Happy New Year!

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bluebunny said...

WOW! Congrats on meeting your goal! That's a LOT of knitting!