Thursday, March 20, 2008

I am officially old.

This morning, two days before my 34th birthday, I threw my back out. And in a totally wimpy way.

I was baking a cake before work. (Shut up, that's perfectly normal behavior here. Move along.) Made a cassata cake, at least made its parts, and will assemble on Saturday. Started cleaning up, and suddenly my back hurt so much I couldn't move. Muscle spasms or something. Somehow maneuvered myself to the couch after taking some ibuprofen, and didn't move for several hours. (Zuzu helped with this.) Called in sick to work, and my boss recommended a hot shower, as hot as I could stand it. Once Mike woke up and convinced Zuzu to move, I managed to get upstairs and into the shower. (Thanks again to our friend Chris for having the necessary tool to allow us to adjust the scald-guard so that I could take a HOT shower rather than a lukewarm one.)

Why did my back give out? No clue. Maybe too much whisking. Learned that my stand mixer makes beautiful meringues. Never really understood "whisk until stiff peaks form" until today. Hopefully the cake will taste as good as it looks. Anyway, rather than whisk the yolks in the mixer, transfer them to another bowl, clean the mixer bowl and then whisk the whites, I just whisked the yolks by hand. Were they as light and fluffy as they would have been had I used the mixer? No, but we'll live. Cake batter was definitely airy!

Anyway, feeling quite a bit better now, but still sore. Will probably take another hot shower later today.

Have some cream cheese softening for a cheesecake; hope my back will let me bake more today. There are several more cakes on the schedule for Saturday. Oh, and cleaning. We won't talk about that yet, I don't think.

Aside from me getting old, nothing eventful really happened between now and my last post, so this will be a short one. It's probably time for more snuggling with the kitty.

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