Saturday, March 1, 2008

Same as before

I still can't get enough sleep. Slept for 12 hours last night, and just took a 60-minute nap. Feel kinda bad about yesterday, as I had been trying to help Mike with his brewing, but I went upstairs to change clothes, and couldn't resist the siren call of the blankets. Might have a few drinks (tea, water, stuff like that) and go back to bed. Yes, this cold is still kicking my bum.

On the last episode of this here blog, I'd had a relatively energetic Monday, and shared baked goods with my knitting group. On Tuesday, the weather was bad, and I felt icky, so volunteering was canceled and I came home and went to bed. Wednesday, I met with another local knitter from Ravelry, and another girl skipped due to car trouble. Luckily we met just a few miles from home, so no big excursions were necessary. Had some very nice tea at Panera, too.

Thursday, I was invited to see the Peking Acrobats. Wow. Went home sore from just watching all the contortions and balancing and feats of strength. Oh, and I was really tired, too.

Somewhere in the midst of all of that, I did finish two pairs of clogs and start another. Hopefully I will get some felted this weekend, as it's a rare weekend off, and start something else. I had high hopes of getting a start on a sweater yesterday, but that short burst of energy left me with a yawn. I do want to bake a few things, and get some packages ready to go - I have several things to mail, and want to free up the space in my house.

Oh well. Zuzu just had her lunch. I should make more tea and try to get some things done while I'm awake. We'll see how long that lasts.

Still reading Collapse, but am nearly done. Being sick certainly adds to my reading time. A bit more than halfway done with World Cafe. Hope to pick up Wicked again soon.
Still listening to the same batch of stuff, really, nothing all that new.
Watched Lost yesterday, and watched some older South Park episodes this morning.

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