Sunday, March 30, 2008

Multiple post weekend

Couldn't wait to share the Muppet excitement of last night. (Well, I have been awake for several hours, so I waited that long, I guess, but still...)

Muppets History 101 was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Have discovered that I now need to own the first season of SNL (Skred and Lily Tomlin singing "I Got You Babe" plus some other other skits) and an Ed Sullivan DVD that is now apparently out of print. Somewhere, somehow, I'd love to get my hands on a copy of the British Muppet Show, as well as the promo reels that they made. So add all of those things to my wish list, as well as the pattern for Jim Henson's Kermit sweater. (And then the sweater. I may have to design one someday if I can't find an official one. Love the band of Kermit faces.)

Okay, so I have now been sidetracked for an hour, making Mike's breakfast (sleepyhead!), and searching for pictures of the Kermit sweater. Again, no luck. Anyway, stripey sweater with band of Kermit faces across the belly. If you see one, please grab it for me - I will pay handsomely for a sweater or pattern.

Anyway, am quite happy that I caught the show. If anyone out there has a chance to see any of the Jim Henson Legacy Foundation programs, definitely go.

Side note, finished the blanket this morning. 24" of yarn leftover. Longest cast off ever, as I was interrupted many times by Zuzu, who wanted to play. I think she was all worked up because we danced around the house a bit. That said, blanket is finally finished, folded, and can sit upstairs until Christmas. Worked on the cabled hat last night; it's looking good, I think. What next? Probably time to frog/restart the Fibonacci glove.

And Zuzu is telling me that I should do that now, because she wants to snuggle with me and a blanket.

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Hallo! I've just tagged you for a book meme, I'm really curious as to what you come up with! x