Monday, February 25, 2008

Just can't get enough...

Sleep, that is. Went to bed relatively early last night, slept a bit extra this morning (and Zuzu wanted me to sleep even more), and took a nap this afternoon (and Zuzu wanted me to sleep longer then, too). Started the workday with a "server down" phone call, but thankfully the server was fine, it was just the internet that was down. Could not get warm this morning. Hot shower helped somewhat, but not all that much. Finally had a hot breakfast and coffee, which worked a bit.

Tried to get my windshield repaired today. Don't recall if I mentioned or not, but my car took a rock to the windshield last week. Looks like a mosquito - small nucleus with a few legs. Runners, the repair guy called them. He told me that he shouldn't repair it because there was no guarantee that it wouldn't expand, and also it was in my line of sight. Personally, I think it's a bit below my sight line, but who knows. He was kinda short. Maybe he just didn't want to work today, either.

Met with my knitting group tonight, and worked on more clogs. As usual. Brought cupcakes and individually sized brownies. Found a Hershey's Kiss silicone baking pan, and used the brownie recipe on the label. Turned out rather well, even if I did overfill the the cups. Very cute. Dark chocolate brownies and vanilla cupcakes. There wasn't much to take home.

Oh, remembered to bring my Pittsburgh yarn to the meeting tonight. I love my cashmere. We're planning a trip to Knitter's Fantasy in Youngstown in April, and apparently my house is the central location, so I get to make a cakewaffle breakfast again. Yum. Speaking of yum, I have some really good oranges. I like oranges. Yum.

Anyway, consider this a short post. It is 9pm, and I am tired.

Radio show plug: Shindignation, on from 7-9 am on Mondays, on WRUW. Those girls make me giggle.

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