Wednesday, October 17, 2007

If I have to stare at a computer, at least let me do something fun.

So I am sitting here, waiting for a file to download, babysitting several computers, and wishing that I could be knitting. Or reading. Or doing something other than staring at a computer screen, watching the slow progress of my download. But it’s a very professional office, so I need to pretend to be busy, even though I am really a glorified babysitter right now. Yay, 38% downloaded. Less than an hour left to go, at this speed. Trying to restrict my internet use, as I don’t want to waste bandwidth, so let's write in Notepad and post later.

Went out last night, to North End Market. Finished the first charity sock. Wasn’t paying as much attention to the pattern as I should have, and the toe is a bit pointy as a result. I haven’t woven in the ends yet, and will compare to the properly done pair to see if the pointy toe is too pointy. I really didn’t pay much attention to the foot, either, as it was a bit longer than it needed to be – but hey, so it’s for a size 9 rather than an 8.5. Although with the extended toe, maybe it’s really for a size 9.5. Maybe I *should* rip out the toe and a few rows of foot.

While I think about unraveling the first sock, I’ve started on the second. The ribbing is done, and I am ready to start the pattern rows. I really think I’ll have enough yarn left over to make a hat, as there is a substantial ball remaining after sock #1 has been completed. And even a bit more will be generated, if I do rip out the toe and part of the foot. It would be the absolute last-resort-almost-done yarn, if I needed it, but it would be there. Maybe I should frog the toe. The Malabrigo is wooly enough that I should be able to find my stitches (part of the reason I hardly ever rip things out is that I have a terrible time finding/picking up my stitches again).

Woo-hoo! The download speed seems to be picking up. Don’t know if it’s because I closed just about everything except Word or if it finished downloading on someone else’s machine. Oh, wait, now it’s slowing down again. 58% done now, though. Maybe it will finish before 4:00. Or at least before 4:30. Please?

Back to my knitting… Really enjoyed making Kel’s socks with the Jarbo Garn Raggi; perhaps I should get more of that for the socks for my husband’s family. It’s a bigger yarn, so they stitch up pretty quickly, and if I have 15 pairs of socks to knit for Christmas, I want them to go quickly. Is that right? There’s Mike, his two brothers and his dad. Four men’s socks (eight, if you count them as individuals). Two sisters-in-law and one mom. We’re up to seven pairs. Two teens, and two young kids. Eleven. And I’m mostly done with a pair for my sister, and I should make some for her husband, as we’re making things as gifts (at least that’s our plan…). Thirteen. I also promised a pair to Danielle, so that’s fourteen. Who am I missing? I made a list, but it’s either at home or in the car, not with me. I have made two pairs for my mom already, so she shouldn’t be on the list. I apologize to whomever I’m forgetting – maybe it’s me! I’d like to add these to my Ravelry queue, but I haven’t picked out the pattern or the yarn for all of them yet (hmm, I wonder who sells Raggi in the Cleveland area?) and I don’t know that I’m willing to give up much of the sock yarn that’s already in my stash. (Those are socks for me! Although my Yarn Booty shipped today, so perhaps *that* yarn will become socks for me, and my stash will become gifts.) Also, the time that I could spend uploading things to Ravelry would probably be better spent knitting.

Oh! The missing pair is the charity pair… Don’t know how I forgot those. Anyway, if I’m halfway done with that pair, there’s only fourteen more to go before Christmas. Definitely do-able!

As for other projects, well, I joined the NaKniSweMo group. If you’re familiar with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), National Knit a Sweater Month is also November. I think I want to do the Easy Raglan Cardigan in Malabrigo (as I can’t seem to get enough of that yarn!), and perhaps I’ll use my charity-sock coupon from Miss Chickpea’s to buy the yarn. Apparently there is a formula for figuring out how many rows you need to do each day to finish a sweater; I’ll have to look into it a bit more before the end of the month. Don’t know if I want to do stripes or what. Yeah, perhaps stripes, as they don’t require *too* much thought but keep things vaguely interesting.

Then again, to do thirty socks by Christmas, I could just aim for one a day for the month of November. I wonder how much time it would take – do a sock a day, plus the daily allotment of sweater. Forget cleaning the house, forget sleeping, I’d rather knit!

Mike always says that I try to get too much done in too short of a time. I guess this is a classic example of that. But right now I feel like I could get it all done! Although get everything done and read the books that I want to read? Maybe not. Just started “Spook” by Mary Roach today while I was waiting in line to get lunch. Really enjoyed “Stiff”, so I thought I’d give her new one a try. Also checked out “Switching Time” by Richard Baer, which is about a woman with multiple personalities. Heard him interviewed on NPR, and thought the book was worth a look, at least from the library.

Anyway, I will probably spend the next few minutes staring at the download screen again, as the speed has picked up again, I’m at 95%, and supposedly only have two minutes left. After it’s done, I’m leaving, and will come back tomorrow to install it on all the machines. I hope I get home before rush hour! Maybe I’ll go to the yarn swap in Cuyahoga Falls tonight, but I probably should just stay home and knit.

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