Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New place to waste time

Up until now, I've been a myspace dork. (And have just spent a bit of time uploading old posts from there, mostly just relevant ones, but not always.) I blame my husband's old friend for that - he signed up for whatever reason, she found him, sent a friend request, and I didn't want him to have female friends unless I was considered one. So, I signed up, and spent more time there than I should have. Found a few old friends, and an outlet for my random ramblings, many of which were concerned about yarn and knitting.

On Friday, my Ravelry invitation showed up, and that has inspired me to get a real blog, so my posts will tie in with my account there. I may cross post for a while, (and repost some recent ones), but I'm ready to pretend to be a grownup now.

I've been spending every spare moment I have (not a lot) updating Ravelry - and realizing how late I am for something else. Which also applies now. I need to run, move towards work. Will post more later.....

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