Thursday, October 25, 2007

*I'm* a winner!

Found an envelope on the dining room table tonight, from the Akron radio station that I support. In that envelope were two tickets to next Thursday's Tori Amos show in Cleveland. I'd entered a contest when I pledged on Monday, and I guess I won. No call, no email, no note, just an envelope with tickets. So I get to see Tori on Tuesday and Thursday next week. Yay!

Also, got a call from my mom the other day, oddly in the middle of the day. She wanted to tell me that the Crafty Ewe had called, and she had won a gift bag from Katidid. Apparently I won "the frame of my choice" also. Now *that* will be difficult. I have to choose? I guess I should look at my projects and pick a frame that would fit one of them. But I haven't talked to the people, so I don't know if it's the choice of any frame in the shop or a choice of a selection. Hopefully I can stop by tomorrow to pick up our prizes.

Need to clean and cook for Saturday. Cleaned a bit tonight, but still more to do. Also need to figure out what I'm going to cook, so I can shop.

Swatched for the NaKniSweMo sweater; haven't measured or anything, but the (first) swatch is done. Also started a swatch for Jaywalkers, but think I grabbed the wrong needles so it will be waaay too big. Need to finish charity sock #2, swatch/cast on for October's Sock KAL (Nancy Bush's Eesti Trail Hiking Socks, I think - it's either a Nancy Bush pattern or something with cables, and I'd rather deal with a little bit of color work than cables right now). I feel like it's cheating, but hey. I have other things to worry about. And might worry about those, not the socks. We'll see.

Oh well. I should go to bed. Had a nap this afternoon, but could still sleep more.

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Jhadur said...

I'm trying to send you Cthulhu mittens pattern, but I'm having a but of trouble finding email addresses for people.
Could you possibly let me know your address and I'll send it on to you. If you don't want to post it in public, you could message me on ravelry - I'm Jhadur there.