Saturday, October 6, 2007

Quick update

The knitters are coming over today - sounds like a good excuse to make chocolate cake. I've been waiting for an excuse, and the knitters and the Dar party sound good enough to me!

As far as knitting, I'm hovering just below the heel of the second stripey sock, as I haven't had a solid hour to devote to turning the heel. I started the second Royal Llama sock (fewer stitches, less time needed to create the toe) and am most of the way through the foot. Have something like four rounds to go before turning that heel. I want to have that pair done before my mom gets here on Wednesday. I will need to block them (as well as the stripeys) since they're kinda saggy and bulgy. Or something. They don't really look *that* bad (Danielle liked the pattern, and her socks will be the same one) but I'll feel better if I block them, I think. Will post a picture when both socks-in-progress are finished (and maybe even blocked).

What else? The more I listen to Spoon, the more I like them.

Anyway, breakfast is finished, so I'm off to make that chocolate cake! Let's hope I can find the recipe!

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