Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We have a winner!

Okay. Decisions have been made. Permanent decisions (at least for now). For NaKniSweMo, I will be making the Top-Down Raglan Cardigan by Laura Chau, and knitting from my stash (for once!) I fell in love with Wisdom Yarn's Poems at a shop in PA (I should never visit my mom on days that she works, as I'm forced to amuse myself), and bought enough for a sweater. I'd planned on making a Taos Diagonal Jacket with it, as it also stripes, but will give in and get the Taos when I finish the Top-Down cardi. I'd also considered Malabrigo, but was looking at some of the other yarns people had used for the pattern, and decided that I needed something with more interest. I don't want to knit a solid sweater, and if I'm going to be knitting in my sleep, I don't want something that I have to calculate stripes/match colors on.

And for Christmas, well, I think I'm cancelling (or at least postponing) some of the socks. I will be making clogs for the guys, instead of socks. (Clogs are *MUCH!!!* faster than men's socks, even on worsted.) So mark at least four pairs of socks off the list. Maybe the adult women will get clogs, too. I need to make a pair from my stash (I have enough Wool of the Andes that this shouldn't be a problem!) to see how they work and how well the yarn felts, (also get an idea of sizing) and then I can order the yarn I need from Knitpicks. It's significantly cheaper than Lamb's Pride Worsted or Cascade 220, but I should still have enough of an order to get the free shipping. If not, I can certainly add some sock yarn! (It was hard to *not* shop after I saw their teaser for hand-dyed yarn. I am such a sucker for hand-dyed.

What's really sad about the Christmas stuff is that I made stuff for Mike's family already. In January. I used the Knitpicks Hot out of the Oven free pattern and made potholders and oven mitts for each family. Difficult? Time-consuming? Not at all. But I thought it would do, as I found some really cute flowerpots (also in January) with veggies and so on, and Mike could type up his pizza crust recipe, and I could stuff the pots with herb and veggie seeds, as well as the yarn items, and we'd be set for Christmas for his family. Guess not. And I was so proud of myself to have had the Christmas gifts done (with the exception of the seeds) in the first part of the year. Too bad.

Oh well. As usual, I'm wasting time on the computer when I should be working on something. At least Ravelry provided some inspiration this morning. Current project update: Charity Sock #2 has a turned heel, but I haven't yet picked up the stitches for the gusset. It needs to be done by Monday. I've actually been working on Stripey Sock #2 over the past few days, and it is about a stripe or two away from finishing. I've been reading during the drive time lately (rush hour - not while moving!) so I haven't been knitting, but I can get back to knitting as I'm skipping a book club thing tomorrow (easy to do, I guess, as I haven't been, but I'd wanted to go especially since the book they picked was the one I'd just requested from the library... ) and don't have to finish the book by Thursday PM.

Anyway, I've now just wasted even more time, and I really need to get ready for work.

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