Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another picture post

Just a quick note here - uploading pics to Ravelry; thought some should get shared here. Especially this one:

Zuzu, looking less than stunning

And for knitting:

At my parents' house last weekend, finished a hat and headband.

traditions folded brim
Nice, soft, fuzzy hat - definitely man-sized. Too big for my head!

calorimetry 1
I am a bandwagoner - this is my Calorimetry

calorimetry 4
Here it is again - because I like it.

I am really liking my Calorimetry. Really.

Finished the ribbing on the bottom of the sweater. I really like it, as does Zuzu.

sweater on floor
Sweater, sans sleeves (and collar)

sweater kitty
This is MY sweater! Don't try to take it - my laser beams will get you!

Left my size 8 circular needle at my parents' house, so I can't work on the sleeves until I get it back. Planned on picking up a sleeve on Tuesday afternoon, but realized that the needle was missing, so started another hat. It's made of the yarn that I brought for the HS girls (they loved it), and it is growing on me the more I work with it. I doubt that I could pull off these colors, but they remind me of the Muppets. What do you think?

dr teeth
Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem...

Anyway, as I do not have my sweater to fill my suddenly empty evenings, I started Firebird. It's a lovely creation designed by the Tsarina of Tsocks, and definitely takes a lot of attention. I am learning new techniques, one of which is how to work on size 0 needles. (Also learned the Turkish cast-on, and look forward to using it again.) Look closely; there is a lot of detail.

Firebird toe
Firebird hatching

Well, I need this to be quick, as I want to get back to the Firebird. Hope you enjoy the pictures/progress report. (And Zuzu's tongue.)


Anonymous said...

Zuzu made me chuckle! She looks like she's giving someone her opinion! Your sweater is looking great! The Muppet yarn is very pretty, but I doubt I could wear it either. Maybe my little gd? Beautiful colours, though. Hope you get your needles back so you can do sleeves. Have fun with Firebird! It's an amazing pattern! samm

Cheryl said...

Zuzu looks like she is going "Pbbfft!!!"..

The socks looks gorgeous. I don't know if I have a long enough attention span to do Tsockarina's patterns!!!