Thursday, May 15, 2008

Arsetickled Numpty

Thanks to Emmms for the post title. She used the phrase on Rav, and I loved it, so have co-opted it here, just because.

As usual, it has been a busy week. Last weekend, went to my first Kirtlandia Society meeting in months. Fascinating lecture (as usual), this time on the Firelands Ground Sloth bones, which shows signs of human butchering even though it was carbon dated to pre-Clovis times, and there has been no other evidence to date of ground sloths being hunted/utilized by humans. It will be interesting to see the results of future studies on the bones.

Sunday, spent some time with Jennifer, and watched the Pens game. Made a penguin.
Stephen the penguin

Enjoyed the pattern, and will make another (to be named Geno). Will use a different, fluffier yarn for the belly next time. Stephen Colbert thinks that more animals should be named after him, so here's a penguin for the cause.

Here's also a turtle for the cause. Tanya thinks he should be called Dilly, but I will name him Stephen as well, just because.

turtle body
Stephen the Turtle, in progress. Body is done, and working on one leg.

Stephen the turtle's shell will be a sweater. Very cute pattern.

Both animals will be gifted to the HS girls that I teach to knit (party on Tuesday!), so they may be renamed.

Have been working a bit on Firebird here and there. Have done a few more pattern repeats. I think I like blogging while watching the Pens game - I can touch type (at least mostly) so I can watch the game and keep rambling on..... Anyway, here is Firebird, so far:

firebird closeup
Firebird; feel free to click on it to see the detail...

Just a few observations from the last week. Finally noticed the speakers in the corners of the front doors in my car - you know, where the little triangular windows used to be in old cars? Yeah. Took 12,000 miles to notice them. Also saw a woman in a dress that was startlingly reminiscent of a construction barrel. Wouldn't have noticed that fact except that she was standing just behind one. Made a mental note never to wear an orange and yellow striped dress, as I myself am rather short and stout. Also haven't seen quite as many right-leaning drivers lately. For a while, it seemed like at least 25% of male drivers on the road leaned toward the middle of their car. I don't know why, and the posture makes me hurt. Half of the time, the guys are on their cell phones, but not always. Do you get a better view from the middle? I am just curious.

Let's see... Monday was knitting. Small group of us; several people were sick and stayed home. Still a nice evening. Tuesday watched the Pens game at home while Mike went to the SAAZ meeting. He won the club's Homebrewer of the Year award. Speaking of his brewing, he had two beers advance to the second/final round of the National Homebrew Competition - his Munich Helles and Classic American Pilsner. Yay, Mike! Our friend Mark advanced his Scotch ale with habanero peppers.

Crap, Flyers powerplay. As Mike posted to his message board, he has been saying for the entire series: Fuck Filthadelphia! although Monk's Cafe is really great.

Wednesday (was that just yesterday?) had a long day at my morning client and spent the afternoon visiting University Circle. Went to the art museum to see the Arms and Armor exhibit - very cool, but they should give you magnifying glasses or binoculars, as there's so much detail that you can't get close enough to see. Spent the rest of the afternoon watching ducks at the Natural History museum. Dammit, Flyers just scored again. Was very inspired by the ducks (oops, needed to proofread that one!) - lots of gorgeous colors and patterns. I may have to design some knitting patterns based on various duck species. Yes, I am a dork. That likes ducks.

Anyway, this is the first evening Mike and I are spending together all week. We are both going to the DNA lecture tomorrow night at the museum, though, which should be interesting. Will work on my museum scarf, which is also a swatch for a sweater. This is the yarn I mentioned before; I do like it quite a bit. The pattern is used in the sweater body, and there are lots of cables and whatnot for elaboration. Only thing that worries me is that the pattern calls for size 8 and 6 needles, with the gauge swatch being on the larger needles. Well, I am a tight knitter, and get gauge on the smaller needles. I will need to check for errata to see if the gauge is really for the smaller needles.....

museum scarf 2
Plan on working on this only at the museum. We'll see how long that lasts. Although I will be there three times this week, and at least once more next week. Although first time I was working on larger needles, and needed to rip it out. Actually, frogged a second time, as my first smaller needles were still too big.

What else? I should focus on the game. The Pens need my love and attention - they are currently down by two. (edit - 3. Yikes!)

Oh, should include the token beautiful kitty photo.

morning kitty
She was looking so lovely one morning, soaking up the sunshine, and I couldn't resist.

Finally, my mom gave me her Wizard Snoopy. It was love at first sight. I have loved him since she bought him, I don't even remember how many years ago. Anyway, I guess she finally decided that he was meant to be with me, because she sent him home with me when I last saw her. He dances to his theme, and his crystal ball lights up. I will end this post with my favorite puppy:
snoopy dancing

I love Snoopy!

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