Friday, May 16, 2008

I am the brillopants

Thanks to Melissa for today's post title. I posted my favorite not-quite-a-pickup-line on Rav, and she told me that I was the brillopants. So I guess I am, since everything you read on the internet is true, right? So there - I AM THE BRILLOPANTS!!!!! I think that should be followed by an evil laugh, so Mwahahahahahahhahaha, too!

Anyway, I was a bit more concerned with the Pens game last night than I was with the blog. Still a bit down about it, but hey, they will finish the series in Pittsburgh on Sunday. Was concentrating on the game, and forgot to mention the Exciting Weekend Plans!

First, there is tonight's lecture. Read his book; good stuff. Then (and I am quite excited about this) Saturday, Jessica and I are heading to Waynesburg, PA for the Waynesburg Sheep and Fiber Festival. Mike's oldest brother and his family live in Waynesburg, so we'll get to visit them. If all goes well I will bring cinnamon rolls to be baked on Sunday morning. (Yes, I am still obsessed. I am starting to wonder if I have so many obsessions that I can never be truly obsessed with any of them, as there's just not enough time for it.) We'll drive back sometime Sunday afternoon.

What else? Nothing much, I don't think. Happy that it is Friday, but I still can't believe that it is mid-May already. Anyway, I should run off to find cash to spend this weekend.

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