Monday, May 5, 2008

For a slow week, it was definitely busy!

I'd expected a calm week last week. Why? I don't know. Calm is rarely a word that can be used to describe my life. Luckily there is rarely any real drama, but life is generally busy. I guess it was calmer than usual, as I was able to fit in a mid-week post.

Anyway, had lunch with my friend Danielle on Thursday, and discovered that I have misplaced a year. Don't ask how or why (maybe last year was simply that bad that I repressed it!), but I was convinced that her son is a year younger than he is, that our neighbors only moved a year ago (it's been two - at least), and as I found out that evening, that the NBA went to a 7-game playoff schedule a year before I thought they did. So does anyone want to fill me in on what happened in 2006-2007? Not sure where I misplaced that year, but it's gone.

Thursday evening watched the Pens game at North End (and during the period breaks they put on a basketball game, so I learned that the NBA was no longer using the 5-game playoff series), and was quite sad that the Pens missed the sweep. Worked on the sweater and yet another hat.

Friday I did something. Oh. Grocery shopping. Had a very sleepy day, and hit the stores just before closing. I think we also planted a tree. Or was that Thursday? Can't quite recall. Either way, Mike's mom brought us a crabapple tree. We had a bit of an amusing conversation about it:

Mike: Oh, we need to plant the tree.
Heather: Yes, I know.
M: But not in the Heart sense of the word.
H: That was a seed they were planting, silly!
M: Well, yes, but you know what I mean.

Okay, maybe I am just a dork. I was entertained. Pop culture references amuse me, especially references to bad 80s songs.

Saturday, made more cinnamon rolls (yes, this is something like the fourth batch of cinnamon rolls in a month), then delivered them to my parents. I'd mentioned to my dad that I might be heading out there again, and he requested cinnamon rolls. Hence the shopping on Friday - I needed butter. And powdered sugar for the icing. I have lots of icing left in the fridge from various cupcakes and cinnamon rolls and stuff. Anyone want icing and no cake? Will need to make more cupcakes just to use the leftover frosting.

Spent Saturday with my mom - went to the 380 auction and bought some vegetable plants, then stopped by the Bonnie Knits closing sale. 40% off yarn, books and needles. Bought more yarn that I don't really need, plus a few skeins to donate to the HS girls. Finished the hat, and started a Calorimetry. Yes, I finally jumped on the bandwagon. (For those of you not on Ravelry, the Calorimetry is listed as the most popular "hat", with over 4100 in existence. For reference, the second most popular hat has been made about 1500 times.) It's actually very cute. I really like it. (And will share a picture, probably in a photo-post later this week.) Loved the yarn, and have asked my mom to go back and get more. It would make lovely socks. (#204, for those of you checking the yarn link.) Really liked the way it stitched up.

Finished the Calorimetry Sunday morning, and finished reading "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. Left it with my mom, as I think she'd enjoy it. You might, too - go on and try it!

Watched most of the Pens game Sunday after a trip to the grocery store and Pat Catan's. Bought some crimp beads - I want to try my hand at some stitch markers, and had everything necessary except crimp beads. Now there is no excuse not to attempt a new hobby!

Chatted with Cheryl a bit before driving home Sunday evening. Nice to finally talk to her - we'll have to get together sometime when she's not exhausted from Maryland Sheep and Wool. Megan went as well, and they both highly recommend the festival. Someday. I did enough damage at Bonnie Knits, and have plans to attend two festivals later this month.

Now, Eryn's comment made me think about my random facts. My math was off - I am closer to 400,000 miles now, quite possibly past. Drove 120,000 miles on my first car (Holly died with 324,000 miles under her wheels); 200,000 on my second, and 13,500 on my current. I have no idea how many miles I put on my parents' cars, but my favorite high school pastime was getting in the car and driving. Anywhere. We would play the "Let's see where this road takes us" game, get thoroughly lost, and then find our way home. Made even more entertaining by the fact that much of the driving took place after dark. Anyway, I would guess that I have driven somewhere around 350,000 miles, probably more.

(Oh, and side note about the current car: The windshield has developed road haze. Not sure how long it took, as I didn't notice it until yesterday, and it was rather thick. But I noticed the windshield was dirty, cleaned the outside, and it was still hazy. Used a bandanna - and is it a "do-rag", as in something you use when you're doing something, or a "dew-rag", as in something used to clean the "dew" off of your brow? - to wipe the inside glass, and was amazed at how much dirt had accumulated.)

Also, for those of you keeping track, I visited 49 states the summer after college. My final year at OU was spent working 60 hours/week as well as taking a full courseload (I rarely had a quarter with less than 20 credit hours on my schedule), and I was burned out. Had the thought, "I'm already in so much debt, what's a few thousand more?" and decided to travel. Left mid-July, with a stop to visit my parents and spend my mom's birthday with her. I didn't tell them of my plans until that day - I didn't want them to try to talk me out of it. I did tell them that I was off to NC to visit my friend Kelly. Talk about an akward conversation:

Mom: When are you coming back?
Heather: I'm not sure.
M: When did you tell work that you will be back?
H: I didn't. I quit. I'm going to spend the summer on the road. This is the only time that I will have six months of no one asking me for money (grace period of student loans), and I want a vacation.
M: Who's going with you?
H: No one.
M: *Stunned silence.*

Yeah. They weren't really all that happy about it. My grandma, however, was thrilled. She thought it was a fabulous idea, and wished that she'd done something similar. I spent the summer driving, camping and staying in hostels mostly, as well as visiting friends (my stalker skills were finely honed - I could find almost anyone!), and sometimes sleeping in the car. Found lots of wonderful people just about everywhere I travelled. Met Grama in Vegas in August, and spent a few days running around the casinos with her. Drove to Alaska a bit later in the year than is recommended, but still had a great time. It was the one time in my life that I was mostly faithful about keeping a journal. Someday I'd love to turn it into a book, although that probably won't happen. Maybe it will just be another blog. Thoughts?

Grama was so happy about my trip that she decided that she'd take me to Hawaii. So I visited my 50th state (with Holly's gear shift knob in my purse) in October 1999. Sadly, Grama got sick and couldn't go, but my mom was able to take the time off and come along. Learned to play the conch shell (how's that for another random fact?) on the ship - Grama had booked us on a senior citizens' cruise. Lots of fun, and someday I'd like to go back.

Oh well - enough nostalgia. Back to the current day. I am still working on the ribbing for my sweater, but should finish tonight. There is the possibility of Metropark knitting this afternoon, too. Figured out my stitch count, but did not factor in the collar. At least I will have enough of the discontinued yarn for the sweater, and probably to finish the fingerless gloves.

This is the time of year when I wish I still had my outdoor job. The pay was not at all good, but it was a lot of fun. I was in the best shape of my life - there were days when the job consisted of a nature hike, with the occasional stop for digging, so the upper body got toned as well. I don't miss it so much in the heat of the summer or cold of winter, but these beautiful spring and fall days make me wish I didn't spend most of my workdays staring at computers.

Anyway, I should take advantage of the quiet time and finish that ribbing!


Cheryl :) said...

It was great talking to you! I hope we can get together one of these days!!

Eryn said...

You didn't miss anything last year...

Grama sounds like an awesome women!