Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Miscalculations and Meows

I think I totally miscalculated the number of rows that I need for my sweater. The number that I'd arbitrarily decided that I needed for the back was not based on measurements of my swatch, or anything really, just what it would take to get me 50,000 stitches. If I actually did all of the rows I claimed I'd need, I'd have more of a sweater dress than than just a sweater, and as it's a cardigan, it's not so appropriate for a dress. Are sweater dresses in fashion again? I know they were trendy once upon a time, but have no clue when exactly that was, or if it's now. No clue. Anyway, my sweater will require far fewer rows than I thought, which means that I'm just a few inches from the bottom. If my new number of stitches is correct, really I'm 75% done rather than 50%. Patti took a picture last night, which I will repost here/there/everywhere, as my camera is still misbehaving.

Zuzu woke me right at 4 this morning. She has learned a new trick. I was trying to snooze on the couch for a while, because she shouldn't really have breakfast before 5:00 (don't want to encourage her!) but she would not leave me alone. Anyone who has a cat knows that when they want you awake they might gently paw your face. Zuzu did this to me today. With a wet paw. Yes, kitty, you got my attention. No, kitty, please don't do it again. *sigh* She did get her breakfast a bit early, though.

Nothing else really to post on the knitting front; still working on the Eesti Trail sock, although Mike reports that it does fit. It continues to be my portable project. I have about 5" to go on the foot, including the toe. Debated making the toe green, but decided to stick with the yarn that matches the reinforcing thread. Mike, as usual, does not care. Looking forward to starting the second sock, which is also due before the end of November. Need to figure out what my November Sockdown pair will be.

Oh - may take a double-knitting class on Wednesday. It won't show me exactly how to knit two socks at once on the same set of needles, one inside the other, but it will give me more of an idea. Tonight is SAAZ, at th Hoppin' Frog. Must make more chocolate chip cookie pie.

So now I have a kitty sprawled out on my lap, across the non-keyboard part of the laptop, head on my right wrist. Hard to type. Will stop and snuggle. Can't click. Kitty on touchpad buttons. Must tab. Somehow.

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