Friday, November 9, 2007

Why do I want nachos for breakfast?

Dunno, but when I walked into the kitchen to feed me (not Kitty), I wanted nachos. Ended up making a protein shake (you know, the ones that I keep hoping will help me lose weight, that aren't necessarily working, but at least they're keeping me from eating nachos for breakfast), but really wanted something non-breakfasty.

So the car has over 150 miles on it now. I was enjoying the sound system yesterday. Oh, and we saw David Dye in Akron. Decent event put on by 91.3 WAPS, and I am grateful that they condensed the schedule a bit. 75 minutes for a buffet dinner is a bit much. WAPS staff was wonderful; not so the bartenders. Well, they might have liked me better had I been male. I stood and waited for what felt like forever simply to get some water, while they served every male in sight. Only when I was the only one left did I get my water. Anyway, David Dye is always great to hear, and he shared some fun stories about people he's interviewed. Enjoyed the audio clips he brought as well. Half tempted to go to Pittsburgh next Thursday for the similar event. Just because.

I've been thinking road trip lately. The clouds lately have been making me think of mountains, so I want to go somewhere that has them. Too bad it's November, as that makes driving to the mountains a bit more precarious than usual.

Finished the Alpaca hat. Trying to decide if it needs slightly felted/shrunk. Mike thinks it's too long. Working on the foot of the first Eesti Trail sock, as I finished the gusset decreases last night. Will get to do more today, as it's a video-editing morning. I need to find my WOTA color card so I can order yarn for the clogs, too. Would like to look now, but Zuzu climbed into my arms, so it's a struggle to type. Thank goodness for two shift keys. Although this has happened before, so I can type decently well with one hand, even if I do have a habit of getting ahead of myself and typing the end of the word before I start it. I am officially 1,114 stitches behind on my sweater. Will hopefully catch up (and then some) this weekend. At any rate, it's about time for me to split off the sleeves, so the rows will get a lot shorter. I should probably read the pattern again so I can pretend to know what I am doing.

Okay, Kitty just left me. While I enjoy snuggling with the purrmonster, I really should do more productive things. And that does not include posting here, even though I can type *much* faster when I'm allowed to use all of my fingers. Anything else that I feel compelled to share? Nah, not now. I should get moving before Zuzu takes up residence again. Happy Friday!

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