Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Quickly, before I fall asleep

Picked up my new car tonight. Yay! It had 6 miles on the odometer when it became mine. I am no longer driving an 11-year-old Accord.

Cleaned out my old car this afternoon. I discovered where all of the pens in the house went. Do not ask me how many pens were in my car. Lots. And then some more.

Felted the test clogs yesterday. The designer really means it when she says not to use long stitches to tack the soles together. Oh well, they will still keep Mike's feet warm. Felted the tote bag, too. Washer got a workout. Need to figure out what yarn I need for the many many many clogs to be made before Christmas, and order it.

Finished Mike's hat tonight, with the exception of weaving in the ends. I love Ultra Alpaca!

Working on NaKniSweMo sweater; nearly done with the yoke. Pretty soon I will split off the sleeves and work on the body. About according to schedule, if my calculations are right. If my calculations are right, it will take more yarn than the pattern calls for. But that's okay, as I bought more than I expected to need. Hopefully I will not need 600 yards more than planned.

Zuzu is telling me that it is either bedtime, or time for her to eat again. Since she just had dinner, I am guessing that it is bedtime. Good, as I am sleepy.

Glug glug says the kitty fountain, meow meow (meow meow!) says the kitty, zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz says me.

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