Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Unintentional horniness

So I got a new car, right? (676 miles after a week - I've only driven 670 miles in 7 days...) Well, the horn is in the center of the steering wheel, rather than on the side of the center bit. I'd gotten used to avoiding the horn buttons on my old car (only had it for eight years), and would occasionally press my forearm against the center of the wheel when turning or something, get a bit more leverage, eh? Well, I can't do that any more, because when I do, the car beeps. I've actually beeped a few times unintentionally that way, some of which might have annoyed other drivers. They did nothing to deserve a severe honking, yet they got one anyway. As soon as I realized what was going on (and was out of the turn), I threw up my arms in apology, but for all I know they might have thought I threw up my arms in fury, for reasons unknown. Oh well. I will try harder to stay away from the center of the wheel.

This is also the first time in my life that I have had a car with a remote control. I've always had to walk up to my car to unlock it. Until now. Which is kinda cool. Except it is far too easy to accidentally hit the panic button. I always have a ton of stuff in my hands, and have hit the button a few times now while juggling my keys in the mix. So then I have to fumble with everything else to find the unlock key. And then lock the thing again (I think).

Nearly finished Mike's sock last night at the SAAZ meeting. Well, I did finish it (except for the Weaving of Ends), but when I forced him to try it on, he decided that the toe was a bit too snuggly. After first trying to convince me that the sock was waaaaay too big. (I don't know, it looks awfully big. No, dear, I measured your foot. Well, maybe it isn't too big, compared to my current store-bought sock.) So I get to frog the tip of the toe, and redo it a bit wider. It won't be quite as pretty of a decrease, but hey, it's a sock. No one should see the toe except Mike, so it ought to be comfortable.

Did just a bit of the sweater yesterday, and have 1400 stitches to do today to stay current. Might bring it with me to North End tonight. Mike is reviewing a beer with another Mike. I plan on going to Jo-Ann's, as I want more circular needles for the clogs, and I think I heard a rumor that needles are 30% off. (I forgot to order some from knitpicks, and my order has shipped.) Plus I need non-sticky-puffy-paint for the bottom of the clogs. See, I'm being eco-conscious, as rather than stop by after work, I went home and planned to combine errands, since J0-Ann is not far from North End. And yes, I could go to Miss Chickpea's, and support my local yarn store, but I don't think I could resist buying some yarn. I am saving up for after my sweater is finished. Plus our knitting group is going on Sunday. I might give in and buy some mmmmmmMalabrigo then, even if I haven't finished NaKniSweMo. And I really need to get my camera fixed/get a new camera so I can share pictures. I really like the sweater, and even though it's bluish-purple, it might not actually make me look green, so I probably could almost actually wear it. It even fits so far! It's snug around the waist, but that's really just the cable on the needle.

What else? Zuzu wants attention. Nothing new. She's still the cutest kitty ever. Oh well. I should get ready to go run errands.

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megi said...

omg...I have a matrix camry and I have the SAME PROBLEM with my horn. I got my car in 04. I still do this all the time. That and the [lack of] quality of my paint are my 2 issues with my toyota..otherwise I love it. [this is megan from stitchnbitchn]