Saturday, November 24, 2007

This is why you should read the newspaper

It's Saturday, and I was trying to clean, as my area in the living room has been overflowing for a while. What with all my knitting projects that are currently on the needles, plus things that are not-quite finished, mail, magazines, and newspapers, the couch, coffee table, and floor around said furniture are all covered with stuff. I am (was) trying to address that issue this morning. Shifted some yarn around, and started trying to remove the easily-removed sections of newspaper.

Okay, maybe I should explain. Anyone who knows my family, knows that my dad is a newspaper hoarder. So that runs in the family. I have a hard time just dropping an unread newspaper into the recycle bag. Hence, when I get my Sunday paper, if it isn't read immediately, it is stacked until I get a chance to glance through it. Today was a day that I was glancing through old papers. In the November 4th PD, a headline in the Driving section caught my eye. Ever since the Auto Show this summer, they have been running "My First Car" stories. (They first solicited stories in May? June? and response was so high they have kept up with it since.) Well, the headline read, "1986 Honda Accord." My first thought was that I wasn't the only one with such a car as my first. Then I saw the picture. It was Holly!

I'd submitted a story back at the original deadline, I think in June. Anyway, if I had read the newspaper on the day it was published, I would have been able to get an additional copy or two, because I know my dad would love to add the article to his stack of papers.

So now, when you google my name, the second link is Holly's story, as told by me in under 300 words. It was printed three days before I got my new Corolla (which now has over 1500 miles on the odometer).

Anyway, since I haven't posted in a week, I should provide an update on the project front. The NaKniSweMo Sweater is missing only a sleeve (and buttons), so I should be finished in the next few days. The second (and first official Christmas) pair of clogs are almost ready to be felted, the Foliage hat is ready to have the body done (although it will wait until after Christmas, unless I need my size 7 DPNs before then), and I am starting the colorwork of the second Eesti Trail sock. Still need to frog the toe of the first, but figured I'd do the second before I did that, so the third toe (heh) will be the last thing I do. Six days to complete the pair. It can be done.

What else? Oh! I wanted to post a few days ago about the valiant hunter in the house. Little kitty was pawing at the sliding glass door. I opened the door, thinking that the cold would scare her away. The screen wasn't closed, like I thought it would be, and when I opened the door, kitty tried to go out, and a big moth flew in. I prevented kitty's escape, and closed both the screen and the glass. The moth, as moths are wont to do, flew up towards the lights in the kitchen ceiling. Zuzu was tracking it, looking up, meowing, running around, and climbing on the recliner to get as close to the ceiling (and moth) as she could.

I decided to enable the hunt, and turned off the kitchen light, turned on the living room light (a tall lamp next to the sofa), and watched the moth meander towards the light. Zuzu tracked the moth, and immediately jumped onto the back of the sofa. Moth fluttered around, near the ceiling, as Zuzu stood up and pawed the wall. Moth dipped down just low enough, and Zuzu pounced. There was a six-inch smear of moth across the wall, and enough moth remnant made it to the floor for a kitty appetizer. The Amazing Mothkiller munched on the moth, and then got settled on the back of the recliner to await the refill of her food dish. Mike was outside brewing, and came in to see the moth smear. He went back to the garage, and I looked at our kitty's face. She looked very smug, but had something dangling from her mouth. I grabbed a paper towel, and cleaned Zuzu's face. She'd missed a leg.

Later, I decided to take a picture of the moth smear before I cleaned it. Zuzu hopped up on the back of the sofa, as if to show off her trophy. What do you think?
Anything else? Not sure, but I should probably get back to cleaning. Then knitting. I have deadlines! But the next few weeks don't look too tremendously busy (at least not yet), and most of my outings are knitting-friendly, so I should be able to get a lot done. And I work the weekends up until Christmas, so that's even more knitting time. But I should get started now. I hope everyone had a lovely Tofurky Day!

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