Saturday, November 10, 2007

My pantyhose problem

I can never find pantyhose when I want them. I buy them (rarely, but it does happen), but then I never wear them because I can never find them when I need them. I was going to wear a skirt (gasp, gasp!) to the museum event tonight, and I'd swear that I saw a packet of nylons earlier this week, but today they are nowhere to be found. Yes, I should have stopped by Target and bought more, but instead decided to just wear pants. It's easier. Oh well.

While searching for the pantyhose, I found a packet of Cup'O'Soup under the bed. Don't ask - I have no idea either. Mmmmm, Spring Vegetable. Mmmmm, MSG.

Got a decent bit of my sweater done today, for the first time since Tuesday. I'm still just under 1000 stitches behind, but hey, what's Sunday for, right? Well, doing a newsletter, and perhaps trying to get some work done, too. But hopefully I can squeeze in some knitting, too. No cider pressing this weekend, so I will at least be home.

Finished the second Cookie Monster scarf. Brought the wrong needle to work last night, so no luck on the sweater yesterday. Today was actually busy, what with resetting passwords, creating new accounts, solving printer problems and an NTLDR error. So again, I would have liked to do more on the sweater, but still. I did split off the sleeves. It's amazing how short a row with 200 stitches feels after doing several rows with 350.

Working on the foot of the Eesti Trail sock; want Mike to try it on. I think it will fit, but as he says, I always think he is bigger than he is. His hat is slightly large. So might the sock be. He's been complaining that somehow the hat alpaca fibers are finding their way into his beard. I never knew that alpacas were migratory. Maybe just the Ultra ones.

Anyway, I should run - must get ready for event. 20 minutes should be enough, right? Plenty...

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