Friday, January 25, 2008

The craziness never ends

Mike actually left the house for five days in a row. No, wait, it was six. I think.

Friday - he brewed at a friend's house, while I went to a lecture about the tree kangaroo
Saturday - he went to North End; I met him there after work
Sunday - he played games with some friends
Monday - he visited a friend while I was at knitting with that friend's wife
Tuesday - SAAZ night out at 69 Taps in Akron
Wednesday - he went to North End while I watched the Muppet Movie

And if he was that busy, you know I was busier. Last week, I'd played with brand new server guts. This week, the server is still not running, due to licensing issues. The manufacturer never applied for the codes for the licenses that were purchased. And they are now trying to figure the whole thing out.

I haven't finished anything for a while. I finished the knitting bits of my dad's clogs, so they just need to be seamed and felted. Still making baby hats. Still haven't actually finished any. Need to buy yarn to finish Mike's hat. I had enough yarn when it was short. But he wanted it longer, so I frogged back, and have now run out of yarn. I need to visit a yarn shop to find more. But I'm not allowed to buy more yarn. Maybe I should make him do it. I am a sucker for sock yarn. If I go in for just one skein of his hat yarn, I am likely to leave with at least one skein of sock yarn, too. Last time it was Paca-Peds, which is alpaca (imagine that!). I should not spend money on yarn until I have used at least some of what I have. Oh, I started another pair of clogs too, but haven't gotten very far. I think I've given up on the knit-a-mile challenge, at least for now. I haven't been keeping track, but I know I'm waaay down. I will try to catch up this weekend. I would really like to start on my next sweater.

Anyway, I should get moving. Work calls, and as much as I try to ignore it, not working doesn't pay the bills. (I tell Zuzu something like that every now and then - if she'd earn enough money for her food, I could stay home with her every day. She hasn't gotten the hint and gotten a job. Although then *she'd* have to leave the house, which neither of us would like.)

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