Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Yet another challenge

Happy New Year. Although it feels like it should be early November. I'm still not ready, but am enjoying the days off.

I gave up on November's sockdown challenge, and didn't cast on for December's. I think I might do January's, though - I'd need to knit either a pattern with intarsia (knitting with two colors - think Mike's socks that won me free sock yarn) or by Cookie A. I've been wanting to do Pomatomus and Monkey for a while; either one would qualify. And I now have lots of sock yarn. (As if I didn't before.) So perhaps I will participate again.

Also discovered a new group - Stash Knit Down 2008. Their first challenge is to knit a mile. Between January 5 and February 19 (time frame of the FIRST Robotics Competition - the group moderator has an interest in that), the goal is to use up 1760 yards of stash yarn. And if my calculations are correct (which they may not be), I knitted three+ times that in December, working on all the clogs. I will have to keep track of that. And get back to the clogs, even though I am still thinking sweater. I think I will need the clog-yarn box to send my package to my secret groundhog bunny partner (we procrastinate too much to have secret Santas), so I should work on emptying it. Yes. That is what I should be doing today. Am I? No. Shame on me. Anyway, I think I can knit a mile in six weeks - could probably knit a mile every month if I tried hard enough. So it's yet another thing to keep track of. It's good that I love spreadsheets!

I am learning.... A 6-12-month-old baby's head is about the same diameter as a spindle of DVDs. And that is the size of the snowman hat. As Nancy's baby will be six months old in June, and that's probably not the best time of the year for a snowman hat, the hat should go to another, slightly older, baby. Any candidates out there? Of course, I could just send it to Nina for next year, right? I will do that if I don't discover any properly-aged babies. Or I could just use the snowman hat as a DVD-spindle cozy. Emerson Cod makes gun cozies; I can make DVD cozies, right?

Some friends came over last night for New Year's. Had fun, missed the ball drop because we were talking too much. Stayed up until 2AM. Zuzu wanted breakfast at 5AM, as usual, but then she and I crashed on the couch for a lot longer than usual. Kitty needed to catch up on her sleep, too. Made cakewaffles. With ice cream. Apparently you can make instant cake by cooking cake batter in a waffle iron. Yummy! Ahh, the things I learn on Ravelry. Like how to spend my day thinking about knitting and not actually doing it.

Anyway, I should probably pretend to be productive. Lots to do, and this is the last day off to do it. Weekend work kicks in again on the 11th, so more knitting is on the agenda then. Perhaps I will start a sweater before February...... Oh, how I want to start a sweater now......

(Oh, I ordered yarn from French Creek for a second sweater. Peggy didn't have the amounts of what I needed, so she is ordering more for me, at the year-end discounted price. I will have to shop there more often. Too bad Avon is so far away. But wait! I should not be shopping at all. Perhaps it is a good that it is such a distance.)

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Eryn said...

Good luck on knitting your first mile! I think I'm going to try brownie waffles tonight. Wish me luck!