Sunday, January 6, 2008

I am squee-ing like a teenage girl right now.

Yesterday's Muppet event was wonderful. I am having a hard time doing anything productive today because I can't wait to go to today's. My friend Carl used my extra ticket yesterday; he and his wife will be there again today. Mike is coming with me today, too. Fun! I was a bit ticked off though, because I could see two empty seats yesterday, and it was another sellout crowd. Makes me think that really, there were individual seats open on Friday, and if I could have invaded the lecture hall, I could have found a seat. Oh well.

I did, however, find a perfect gift this morning for my BFF. (Yes, I'm in teenage girl mode right now. About 15 years too late.) At least eventually it will be a perfect gift. And various other items from the seller would be perfect gifts for me, but as my BFF reads this, and I want her gift bit to be a surprise, I cannot share my source, even though I so desperately want to just in case there are people out there that want to buy me perfect presents. Hence, my silent squee-ing. Anyway, I'm very excited about the stuff. It's simply perfection!

Anyway, did a few inches of Mike's hat yesterday. Since I just posted on Friday, there's not too much else to report. I do want to replicate Jim Henson's sweater, which is stripey with Kermit's face repeated on one stripe. I haven't found a picture yet, though.

We have successfully attracted birds for Zuzu, and she doesn't care. She stares at the fat doves for a while (are they fat or just fluffy?), but ignores the fun finches. I think she sees the doves as the appropriate size for a meal, and the finches are just swallows. Heh. Oh well. I should try to get things done - we are leaving in less than two hours.

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