Friday, January 18, 2008

Kitty news

We took Zuzu to the vet last night. They showed us to a room, and the vet walked in with two techs. One tech had some huge leather gloves and a towel, the other had kitty-bondage gear (muzzle, restraints, etc.). We opened Zuzu's carrier, and the tech with the gloves lifted her out and put her on the towel. She wasn't happy to be there, but she was very well behaved and tolerated everything that they did. Less than 30 minutes of mild torture, and Mike took her home.

Things have been crazy lately. On Wednesday, I got to play with brand-new-server guts. Nothing like taking a server out of the box and finding a processor error. Tech support probably should have sent out a new one and just had us ship the bad one back, but no, they had me move the processors and so on. A server that is supposed to have two processors sounds like a jet engine when it boots up with only one. I was waiting for takeoff.

Also, everything seems to take longer than it should. Except my morning time - that flies by before I'm ready.

Still working on clogs and baby hats. Oh! I have a lecture tonight - I should get some mindless stockinette ready. And eat breakfast. Short post today; I need to be productive.

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Autumn Breeze said...

I hope it was just a routine visit and nothing is wrong with Zuzu.