Friday, January 4, 2008

Well, this sucks.

Went to the Cleveland Museum of Art tonight, planning to see Muppets History 101. Sadly, they were sold out by the time I got there. I am very bummed, especially since they weren't taking reservations, and had no clue that it was going to be a sellout. Anyway, bought tickets for tomorrow and Sunday's events, and will get tix for the rest of the month next week.

In other news... Lots of random snippets from the past few days, as I've been taking notes! I can't actually read all of them (something about ratios - remedies? vinediks? I have no idea what word I was trying to scratch onto paper...I even turned it upside down in case it referred to something else; no luck.)

We've been watching Band of Brothers recently. We're about halfway through. I would not do well at war. I don't recognize visuals quickly enough to be effective - I'd be more dangerous to our side than to the enemy. Not to mention that I really doubt my ability to kill anyone, no matter how much I talk about bombing headquarters of various companies that irritate me. Watching the soldiers camp in the cold made me very grateful for emergency blankets. I don't believe in cold-weather camping without them.

A fellow Raveler mentioned the fun trick of Googling your first name followed by "wants." My first link? Heather Wants to Grab His Booty. Followed by Whatever Heather Wants, Heather Gets. Yeah, I wish. I wanted to see the Muppet videos tonight. I did not get that. I am sad.

Zuzu has a new plaything. A box! It is sideways, so it makes a good hiding place. Have I mentioned her kitty fort? Well, she has a kitty fort made out of our patio furniture cushions. She likes to sit on top of it, and look outside. I filled the bird feeders so perhaps she will have some ornithological entertainment, but we don't think we've attracted any feathered friends yet. Hey! Birds! Come amuse my kitty!

Is it sad that I can identify the movie "Ghostbusters" after seeing just a few seconds of the intro?

I'd wanted to share something about Snoopy, but I don't remember what. I love Snoopy. I think I need to say that again. I love Snoopy. SnoopySnoopySnoopySnoopySnoopySnoopy!!!

Mike made me watch "The Ninth Gate" for some reason. He justified it by saying that I'd already pledged my undying love to Johnny Depp. I disagreed; my undying love has been pledged to John Cusack. Or is it Lloyd Dobler? Watched the movie anyway; wasn't as impressed as he probably would have liked. Oh well.

I really enjoy knitting from center pull balls. *Love* the winder! Finished both pairs of clogs - my mom's and my sister's. They just need felted. Will felt after making sure that the washer leaks were an anomaly.

Still working on the baby hats - just need to assemble the flower one, and need to make the eyes/nose/mouth of the snowman, and then assemble it. Started knitting Take II of Mike's hat tonight while waiting in line at the museum (to buy tomorrow's tickets). I justify the start-itis because I wanted something simple for the movie. That I missed. Have I expressed my sadness enough yet?

Decided that I'm going to make myself some Clogs of Many Colors with all of the leftover bits from all of the clogs I am making.

Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic?

Got stopped by a train this morning, on the way to work. The first few cars were flat, and carried John Deere tractors. That was my morning amusement. Too bad I was a bit late.

Anything else? I think I need to watch some John Hughes movies. At least some of those made before 1990. No "Home Alone" for me! No linky, even. Oh well. I should go to bed. At least I have tickets for this tomorrow. Mike is skipping out on me (he has a playdate at 4, and we wouldn't be back in time), so I have an extra ticket - anyone want to go? Just let me know before 12.

Oh yeah. One thing I miss about myspace is the "listening to/watching/reading" feature. But I never liked that you could only pick one. Was thinking about posting that sort of thing here - let's start now.

Reading: The Color of Magic, Terry Pratchett
Listening to: This Business of Art, Tegan and Sara
Watching: Ghostbusters (obviously!)

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megiknit said...

I get the creepiest feelings in some attics and some basements. I totally believe in ghosts and spirits and related spooky enducing entities.. but i saw this ghost hunters the other day [nathan tivoed it because he wanted me to hear this] and they were showing how things that give off high emf make people get creepy feelings. they showed a house where this socket was giving off lke 75 emf measuring units vs 2.5 like a normal socket. that makes me feel more at ease...but i don't believe it accounts for it all.

Thank goodness this is not me. I don't want anything like this at all: