Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cruel to be kind...or right to be wrong...and beware the cars of orange

My dad was rear-ended yesterday. 1989 Chevy Van vs. Honda CRV. The CRV lost, although my dad saw it coming and was smart enough to turn the wheel so that he didn't smash into the guy in front of him. As he put it, he was "creamed." The driver's seat is broken. Dad was heading to the ER yesterday, to get everything checked out, and document any issues. Hopefully he won't have much pain as a result - the good karma of avoiding the driver in front of him should prevent pain, right?

Orange cars want me to rear-end them. An orange Vibe made a right turn on red just before I got to the intersection when I was on the way home last night. While I was impressed by the chameleon neon detailing (inside and under the car, and the colors changed!), I wanted to follow the kid home just to scare him.

Then this morning, an orange Element pulled out of a gas station right in front of me. I will do my best to avoid any more orange cars.

Anyway, I am happy that I was wrong. My camera has been dying, as readers of this page will probably know. Sorny has issued a recall for defective cameras with the same issue that I have,
but I was convinced that the model I own was not one of them. I checked this morning, and I really have one of the covered models. So I will be calling Sorny this afternoon to ship it back and have it fixed. Yay! No new camera expense for me! Although Mike (the big meanie that he is) said that I could spend my half of the tax rebate now, and get a new camera. I think I will spend about a third of it and get a sock club subscription, and more sock yarn. Tell me that I don't need these socks....

What else? Zuzu needs lots of love, as usual. I have been Raveling more than I have been knitting, but will try to get more accomplished today. Trying to decide whether or not to join Hat Attack, which is like Sock Wars, except with hats. I am a pacifist, you know, and don't like killing things...............................Okay, I will join. There is Scarves of the Living Dead group, so after I am killed (because you know, I will be - only one person can win) I can continue to knit as a zombie. That clinched it for me. Mmmmmm yarn brains.

I did finish the snowman hat, and gave it to Danielle for Jaden. She says he likes saying "snowman" so even if he won't wear it he will like to look at it. I think it turned out really cute. Another knitter at work took a few pictures, so when she figures out how to download and email images, she'll send them to me for upload.

Oh, I need to figure out my square for the Pratchagan. Must not forget.

Okay, I should really get knitting now. It's slow on Ravelry now, so I should be able to tear myself away. It really is an addiction, you know.

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