Saturday, February 2, 2008

Productive slug-itude

Somehow I ended up with the weekend off. Actually, I should have every fourth weekend off, but sometimes it doesn't feel like it. But I do have this weekend off, and I am being a slug.

I have spent most of the day on the couch. I did a bit of cleaning, but Zuzu decided that my time would be better spent if I was kitty furniture. But I have still been productive! I finished two baby hats, seamed three sets of clogs, and am felting them right now. Only seven pairs of clogs to go! Oh, wait, that isn't counting mine, and Mike wants replacements. Not that his are wearing out, but the anti-slip stuff is coming off, since he got two doses. The silicone is showing through. I could apply more latex, but it might wear off, too. Although I might try it again anyway, so I don't have to make him another pair.

Since last week, I have finished several things. The Vertical Stripes hat for Gavin, Marley hat for Janet's niece, Upside-down Daisy for Margaret, Lilly's Hat for Nina, and I just need to sew on the petals for Nina's Upside-down Daisy. All patterns from Itty Bitty Hats, except Lilly's Hat. Have started some Baudelaire socks, but haven't gotten very far. Hope to finish them before the end of Feb., for the Sockdown challenge. Ordered additional yarn for Mike's hat. Ordered two skeins, so I can finish his hat and then make another. Our friend Chris would appreciate a similar hat, so I'll make one for him as well. It's good museum knitting.

Hat Attack is coming up. I need to swatch. Will probably use some extra clog yarn, as it's the correct weight.

Saw The Dark Crystal on Wednesday. New print. Good movie. Saw the Henson environmental thing last Sunday. Realized that I don't know much about Fraggle Rock. We never had HBO when I was a kid, so I missed it. They're going to show Muppet History 101 again at the end of March. I will have to go, since it was sold out first time around.

New item for calendar - the New Pornographers are coming to Cleveland in April! Thanks to Ed for sharing the presale info.

Work: Two and a half weeks after the server arrived, the licensing issues are resolved, and the thing is ready to go. Migration will take place on Monday. Fun!

Well, can't think of much more to say. Camera is ready to go to Texas for repair; I just need to drop it off at UPS. I should get back to finishing things. I think the washer is just about done with Dad's clogs. Time to throw in another pair!

Reading: Collapse, Jared Diamond
Watching: Airplane
Listening to: New Pornographers; Chasing Infinity Radio for their live songs

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