Friday, February 22, 2008

Ahhh, breathe. Just an update...

It has been a long week. Had an awful morning on Tuesday. Any day that starts with a "server down" phone call is not good. I won't go into more detail about the rest of the morning, but will warn everyone to back up their data if they try to defrag a computer that hasn't been defragged for years.

Tuesday afternoon, I volunteered over at Success Tech. There's a group of us that are teaching some of the kids to knit/crochet/whatever. I was a bit discouraged at first, partially bad day, partially I am not the world's best knitting teacher, but it took a while for my student to catch on. But when she got it, it clicked, and she was off and running. Anyway, that is a Tuesday commitment for the rest of the school year. Should be fun.

I should have gone to the SAAZ meeting on Tuesday night, but wimped out. I needed some quiet time with Zuzu. I had a few beers and played on Ravelry. Mmmm chocolate stout and belgian trippel. Yum.

Wednesday wasn't much better of a day, especially since I forgot my purse at home, and didn't have money for lunch. Nice part was that I went home early, and watched movies with Mike. I had to run some errands, but combined that with a pizza run for dinner. I think I knitted something, too, but I don't really remember. Oh! I started the Fibonacci fingerless gloves. They are a gauge swatch for my Fairfax Fibonacci Sweater, and I need smaller needles. Must find my size 8 DPNs somewhere. I am very confused about needle sizes - I originally thought that my Foliage hat was on size 9 DPNs, then on size 8s, but really it was on size 7s. I have been working on that tonight at work. I have done 1.5 of 3 pattern repeats of the body. Row-wise, I am just above 50% done. Since the crown has fewer stitches, stitch-wise I am not nearly that close to being done.

I've finished a few more clogs, I think. Made some red and white ones that are really crying to have red hearts put on the foot, but as they're for a guy, I may restrain myself. I might not, though - I haven't decided. I don't know why I am in a Valentine's Day mood. Especially since my big VD excitement was buying cheap candy. I don't celebrate Hallmark holidays, but I needed chocolate.

Thursday was another long day, and we won't talk about the afternoon. The evening was great, though - I met several girls from my knitting group at Moko Coffee downtown, and we went to see Wicked. Had a lot of fun, and really enjoyed the show, especially when I talked to an usher during intermission and spent the second act somewhere other than my original seat. I could actually move my legs there! The seats at the State Theater are incredibly cramped. Legroom is very limited. I am not the world's tallest person, but my knees were pushed up against the seats in front of me. Since my knees aren't very happy when confined, I was experiencing intense pain by the end of the first act. The lights went down, and I stood up. Anyway, the show was great. I am not a huge fan of musical theater, but was very impressed with Wicked.

Driving home last night was miserable. Nothing like being on a snow-covered interstate and exhausted. I have no idea how people could see their lanes, what with the road being white and all, but there were lots of people going 50-60 mph in the snow. Oh well. I made it home a bit after midnight, and went straight to bed. Zuzu woke me at 4, as usual, and I curled up on the couch after feeding her breakfast. She crawled under the blankets on the papasan chair, and snoozed there until I was ready to leave.

Anyway, took a nap this afternoon, and am at work now. For another 30 minutes, as I type this. It's been a quiet evening, which is good. I like having downtime at work. Not sure if I'll finish Foliage tomorrow, or get back to clogs. I still have Nina's hat to finish, and the Baudelaire socks to work on. Somehow I doubt that they'll be done before the end of the month. Maybe I will just hibernate them and start something else............ I really need to try Magic Loop. Must make more socks.

Next week should be calmer, as I only have events on Monday and Wednesday (well, maybe Tuesday, depending), and I have the weekend off. Things will be picking up again in March - three lectures the first three weeks, and an event every night during the week of the 10th. I think I have five events at the museum in March.

As I haven't done this for a while, let's try now:
Reading: Collapse, by Jared Diamond; Best of the World Cafe by David Dye
Listening: Challengers Executive Edition, New Pornographers; Magnetic Fields
Watching: After Sex; In the Valley of Elah; Supernatural

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