Friday, February 8, 2008

I had a dream that David Cassidy was my father

Zuzu was early this morning - 3-ish. I heard her, but rolled over, and went back to sleep. And we all know that that makes for the most bizarre dreams. I feel like sharing, so here we go...

I was trying to purchase a salad for lunch at some sort of cafeteria thing, whatever. They had mostly salads with chicken, and I wanted one with artichokes, no chicken. I dig through the stack of plastic cartons, and finally find a salad suitable for my lunch. At that point, I was very frustrated and cranky, as my blood sugar was very low, and I desperately needed to eat. (I blame Zuzu for food being on my mind. It's several hours later, and I still haven't eaten breakfast, with no ill effects.)

I take my salad to the checkout, at which point I realize that my purse is on a table a few steps away, and the cashier is being difficult about me stepping away to get it. I grab my purse anyway, and look for money. I can't find cash, and the cashier is being nasty, so I start crying. (At least it wasn't over a server this time, right?) I tell her that I really need to eat, and calls EMS. I don't want emergency attention, and "does she know who my father is?" Anyway, I grab a piece of plastic to pay for lunch, she gasps, and I end up bolting. I ran through this amazingly huge building, dodging people with cameras and others who want to meet me simply because I am the child of David Cassidy (I punched a woman who got too close, and ended up hugging someone who didn't know who of my dream father.). Now that I'm awake, I'd imagine that his kids get more of a nonchalant, "Oh, cool," reaction than Partridge-mania, but who knows.

Zuzu did succeed in waking me completely, using a new method that I hope she never uses again. Kitty drool. On my face. Yuck. Definitely woke me, though. She is now curled up on one knee, as I have the laptop on the other. Such a sweet purrmonster.

Obligatory knitting info? I got my target's name for HatAttack. She is in Texas. Oh well. I should force the kitty out of her nap and onto the floor, as I need to get ready for work. Long weekend ahead!

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