Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Double dinners

We've all been eating a lot lately. Maybe it's the cold weather - we want extra insulation (even though us humans of the household have more than enough already!). Even the slender one of the household is always hungry. In fact, on Sunday, she was *very* hungry. I fed her dinner around 6pm, and she wanted more. She wanted more so much that she started licking the old crusty bits off of her plate. Oh, and I should note that the old crusty bits were underneath a bowl. Yes, our sweet little kitty knocked a bowl off of a plate to get to the nasty, dried food that was underneath.

What could I do? I gave her a second dinner. Kitty had a half can of food on Sunday night.

Last night, our knitting group went to Johnny Mango's. Don't know if most people got lost, but there were supposed to be 12 of us, and only 6 showed up. Ohio City can be a bit confusing, and I got slightly lost as I was approaching from a different direction - I'd been working downtown, and usually get there from further east. I ate far too much. Yummy food, when we finally got it. The waitress that originally took care of us disappeared at some point early in the night. She welcomed the first four of us, brought our drinks, but then she never came back. Finally Patti garnered the attention of another server, and she did a great job for the rest of the evening.

I finished one clog while there, and started another. They're not the happiest of travel projects, as there's lots of counting involved, but I managed. I really need to finish the Clog Project. I should be knitting now, but I have a purring kitty on my lap and my knitting bag is on the other side of the room.

Pink hat is finished; may drop that off today, depending on timeframe. I think I have three people on the hat list - it's good that there are several lectures coming up! There are three in the first three weeks of March. That might translate into three hats - who knows.

Yeah, I'm getting tired again. Woke at 3 due to micturition urges, and luckily Zuzu curled up with me after I returned to bed. I had a hard time falling asleep again, though, and at 4 she was ready for breakfast. She's been on my lap for a good portion of the morning, and is now snuggled under a blanket on my lap. You know, I could really be productive if I actually did things in the morning. Oh well. It's now nearly time to get moving. Awwwwww. Kitty just peeked out from under the blanket, and we had some serious purring going on. I love my little girl.

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